Meet Dr. Martín Raskovsky, a talented photographer based in the UK, known for his remarkable work in capturing dreamlike and otherworldly natural landscapes. For over 14 years, he has been creating images that transport viewers to a fantasy-like realm, yet with a touch of realism that evokes a poetic, tantalizing, and intriguing response.

“My work is characterized by dreamlike otherworldly natural landscapes. My images are fantasy-like but with a hint of realism that evokes a poetic, tantalizing, and intriguing response,” Dr. Raskovsky explains.

His photographs are like glimpses into an ethereal world, where nature takes on a magical quality. Through his lens, he weaves a poetic narrative, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world with a touch of wonder.

Dr. Raskovsky’s creative process extends beyond capturing the image. He skillfully enhances his photographs, exploring colors and forms that emanate from his inner world. With every digital change, the transformation takes place, culminating in an art form that is both captivating and enigmatic.

From an early age, photography has held a special place in his heart. From the days of developing photos in a darkroom to embracing digital manipulation, Dr. Raskovsky’s artistry has always been driven by imagination, surrealism, and impressionism.

His photographs are often mistaken for paintings due to their expressive and dreamlike nature. Dr. Raskovsky has mastered the art of translating his subconscious thoughts and emotions into mesmerizing visual stories, capturing moments that feel both familiar and extraordinary.

Exhibiting his work at art fairs and exhibitions, Dr. Raskovsky cherishes the reactions of observers. To him, the true essence of art lies in its ability to evoke emotions and connect with the viewer’s soul.

Moreover, Dr. Raskovsky is venturing into the world of digital collectibles, sometimes referred to as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), making his unique artwork accessible to art enthusiasts globally. Now, you too have the chance to own a piece of his extraordinary and captivating work.

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