Step into the mesmerizing world of Diego Mac, a multi-talented artist who wears many creative hats – from being a dance director and choreographer to a dancer, video artist, 3D artist, producer, and cultural manager. With a passion for artistic expression that knows no bounds, he is currently a Doctoral Researcher in Performing Arts, where he explores the fusion of dance with animation, 3D simulation techniques, blockchains, metaverses, and digital collectibles.

Hailing from Brazil, Diego has an impressive 25-year journey in the cultural and entertainment field, where he has been involved in over 300 cultural projects that encompass dance, popular culture, images, technology, creativity, management, and entrepreneurship. He’s the director of Macarenando Dance Concept and serves as the artistic director of Muovere Dance Company.

Throughout his distinguished career, Diego has garnered recognition and acclaim on the local and national stage, receiving more than 20 awards for his outstanding contributions to the arts.

In the realm of digital art, Diego’s work has reached new heights of innovation and creativity. His artistic prowess shines through projects like “THE MOVEMENT COLLECTOR 2,” a dance creation endeavor that combines technology and artistic expression. With the support of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Diego collaborates with fellow artist and researcher Mônica Dantas to create a digital collection of movements captured using Motion Capture technology, followed by the creation of 3D dance pieces using these movements.

Another exciting venture is the “CHOREOGRAPHIC TIME CAPSULE,” a dynamic digital dance journey that unfolds over the course of a year, immersing the audience in a captivating artistic experience.

Diego’s doctoral research, “THE DANCE DIRECTOR,” delves deep into the world of dance and performance art. This research, supported by the CAPES research grant, promises to enrich the realm of performing arts with new insights and revelations.

Crypto Ballet Class” is another series of 3D dance pieces that Diego has masterfully crafted. These captivating reinterpretations of the ballet class combine animation techniques, 3D simulation, and dance, introducing new protocols and paradigms of movement.

Crypto Ballet Class

But where does Diego’s passion for art come from? It runs in his blood, for he is the son of an artist. Childhood memories of backstage theaters, ballet classes, and rehearsals have left an indelible mark on his artistic journey.

Behind the professional facade lies a heart brimming with passion for art, driving Diego to reprogram the world, mobilize people, and bring about transformative experiences through his creative endeavors. Even during moments of uninspiration, Diego pushes himself to improve techniques, develop new procedures, and engage with fellow professionals, fueling his desire to make a profound impact on the world through his art.

Digital art particularly the ones created by Diego Mac, hold a special place in his heart. He sees them as a means of democratizing and expanding access to art, making it accessible to everyone – both artists who produce and audiences that consume. The emergence of NFTs/digital collectibles marks a new paradigm, revolutionizing the art world in terms of creation, distribution, and appreciation.

To explore the wonderous artistry of Diego Mac, follow his journey on Twitter, and Instagram at the links below. Immerse yourself in his mesmerizing world and experience the magic of his groundbreaking artistic creations.


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