Artists who possess the ability to effortlessly transition between traditional and digital art are few and far between. Peng1, also known as Mike Maag, is one such multi-disciplinary artist. With a diverse body of work that has been exhibited from Toronto to Bali, Peng1 has garnered worldwide recognition for his unique approach to art, encapsulating both the physical and the digital.

Peng1’s work is grounded in his love for neo-expressionism and impasto, an art style characterized by thick, textured layers of paint. Whether it’s a physical painting on display at the Pump House or a digital artwork shared online, Peng1 strives to incorporate these elements into every piece he creates.

Technology plays a key role in Peng1’s art. He embraces it as a tool for realizing his artistic vision, pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms and exploring new avenues of creativity.

Presently, Peng1 is engrossed in developing a collection of impasto physical abstracts that portray nostalgic video games from his childhood. This project is an exciting blend of classic art techniques and modern themes, promising a fresh perspective for viewers.

Peng1’s journey into art began in the 4th grade during a school field trip to the Wexner Art Gallery. There, he encountered a large canvas depicting medieval knights on horseback, a work of art that left a lasting impression and instilled a sense of awe that he carries to this day.

When it comes to finding inspiration, Peng1 believes it’s all around us. To him, depletion of inspiration is an indication of not fully experiencing the world. He encourages us to take a moment, open our senses, and appreciate the beauty of life.

In the evolving digital landscape, Peng1 sees digital collectibles/NFTs (blockchain) as a game-changer. They empower artists, challenge traditional concepts of ownership, and redefine the meaning of art. As the world of technology and creativity continue to intersect in innovative ways, Peng1 anticipates the impact of the blockchain on art will only grow, providing artists with more control over their work.

Peng1’s art, “Trapped” will feature in the upcoming Season 1 , ArtPacks Genesis Drop on August 3, 2023. This is an exciting opportunity to experience his unique blend of neo-expressionism, impasto, and digital art. You can secure your spot in the #ArtPacks_Genesis drop by clicking on the pre-mint link now!


To follow Peng1’s artistic journey and learn more about his work, visit his website and social media profiles on X (Twitter), YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

With each piece of art, Peng1 continues to blur the lines between traditional and digital, shaping the global art landscape in unique and memorable ways. As we anticipate his new collection, we can only imagine what Peng1 will bring to the canvas – both physical and digital – next.

Published by @vlaneART, Marketing Manager, ArtPacksIO