For Vinny Scorsatto, also known as NZBR (New Zealand/Brazil), art is the perfect intersection of creativity and technology. As a Brazilian AI artist residing in New Zealand, Vinny merges diverse influences and experiences to carve a unique niche in the global art landscape. Now, he is set to make his mark in the ArtPacks Genesis Drop, Season 1.

Vinny’s path to the art world was not traditional. The creative spark ignited early in his life, yet the ability to express it artistically remained elusive. His younger sister, a painter, indirectly introduced him to art, and the intrigue was instant. Despite considering himself a creative person, the bridge between creativity and expression remained a gap to be bridged.

As an engineer, technology has been a constant companion for Vinny. When AI came into the picture, the gap between creativity and artistic expression narrowed. Art and technology merged into a perfect combination, providing him with an outlet to express his creativity.

Lately, Vinny has been busily preparing for group drops, crafting small collections, participating in community exhibitions worldwide, and diving deep into creative exploration. His work methodically weaves the complex intricacies of AI into a visually appealing tapestry of digital art.

When inspiration seems to wane, Vinny turns to the abundant art world. He consumes more art, drawing inspiration from other artists and their works, replenishing his creative wellspring.

Vinny sees NFTs as game-changers in the art realm. In his view, NFTs have shattered the physical barriers traditionally associated with art consumption. They enable art enthusiasts to access and appreciate a staggering variety of art from around the world, right at their fingertips.

You can explore more of Vinny Scorsatto’s captivating AI art on his website. His fusion of art, AI, and a unique creative voice makes Vinny a compelling artist to watch in the upcoming ArtPacks Genesis Drop.

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Published by @vlaneART, Marketing Manager, ArtPacksIO

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