In the creative universe of nude portraiture, Kostas Giannopoulos stands out. As a self-taught photographer with a Greek heritage and residing in Germany, Kostas brings an eclectic mix of influences and perspectives to his art, redefining the aesthetic and emotional boundaries of his chosen genre.

Born 44 years ago, Kostas’ attraction to nude artistry dates back to his early teenage years. Since then, he has honed his skills and channeled his passion into a thriving photography practice that is now set to be featured in the ArtPacks Genesis Drop, Season 1.

Presently, Kostas is orchestrating an ambitious project, a photo series titled “Restroom Stories.” This bold venture will spotlight 12 models in his studio, each contributing to a larger narrative that reflects the essence of Kostas’ artistic vision.

The pursuit of personal goals is Kostas’ primary source of inspiration and strength. Despite the challenges he encounters, he continues to fight to achieve these objectives. It’s these aspirations that allow him to press pause when needed, to reflect, and then return with a renewed vigor to his creative endeavor.

The advent of digital collectibles/NFTs has heralded a significant shift in Kostas’ artistic journey. He believes the blockchain changes everything, presenting limitless opportunities for artists worldwide to showcase their work. The geographical location no longer constrains talent; artists no longer need to be in well-known places to gain visibility. This shift, enabled by the NFT art wave, aligns perfectly with his ethos of a borderless, inclusive artistic community.

Art enthusiasts and collectors looking forward to Kostas Giannopoulos’ work can find him on Linktree, Twitter, and Instagram. His unique approach to nude portraiture, combined with his embrace of digital technology, makes Kostas Giannopoulos an artist to watch in the upcoming ArtPacks Genesis Drop. Secure your spot in the #ArtPacks_Genesis drop now by clicking on the pre-mint link and be a part of this remarkable artistic event!

Published by @vlaneART, Marketing Manager, ArtPacksIO