In the realm of artistic photography, few artists manage to blend the tantalizing allure of the Pin-Up era, the charm of Boudoir, and the dramatic narratives of B-movies like Nylondrama. Hailing from Les Ulis and currently residing in Istanbul, this multifaceted artist has brought his unique eye for detail to the forefront of the digital collectibles/NFT world.

Before he was known as Nylondrama, he was a passionate lover of nude photography, drawn to the essence of femininity and beauty. His career in photography spans nearly a decade, including fashion films and campaigns where he has showcased his talent as a Director of Photography. It was during his college years, while he was DJing, that he began sharing his photographs on Flickr and his blog. However, his professional journey in the world of art on the blockchain i.e., digital collectibles/NFTs began only a year ago.

Nylondrama’s artistic journey was sparked by a precious gift from his father—an analog camera. With it, he not only learned how to capture images but also discovered his profound love for photography. Today, his focus on the smallest details has become his signature style, allowing him to capture the magnified essence of his models and put his emotional connection with them center stage.

Currently, Nylondrama is collaborating on a new piece and scouting locations for a late-summer shoot. He draws inspiration from a bygone era—specifically the feminine charm, allure, and playful tease of the Pin-Up era and Boudoir photography. This, coupled with his fondness for B-movies and the French touch of the 60s and 70s, influences his use of angles, color, and light.

For Nylondrama, the advent of art on the blockchain, digital collectibles/NFTs has been transformative. Prior to this, he felt his passion for nude art found little appreciation in his locale. However, digital collecdtibles/NFTs have opened the world to his work, allowing him to connect with collectors globally. He embraces his new identity, saying, “Before NFTs, I was just a guy who loved to shoot nudes. But now, thanks to my collectors, I’m Nylondrama.”

Nylondrama’s art will be featured in the ArtPacks Genesis Drop on August 3, 2023. For those interested in exploring his unique blend of nude photography and vintage allure, visit his Twitter, TheHug, and Instagram pages. You can secure your spot in the #ArtPacks_Genesis drop by clicking on the pre-mint link now!

As Nylondrama continues to push the boundaries of artistic photography, his dedication to capturing the essence of his subjects promises to keep us captivated and anticipating his future works.

Published by @vlaneART, Marketing Manager, ArtPacksIO