In a world where traditional art continues to blend seamlessly with the digital, Amy DiGi is carving a distinct niche. With a background rich in traditional artistic forms like painting, drawing, and printmaking, Amy has always been a steadfast contributor to the art world. However, in 2021, she chose to evolve with the changing times, bravely venturing into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to mint her traditional and digital work.

Originally hailing from the physical art studio, Amy represents a group of artists who have successfully transitioned into the dynamic world of digital art. Currently, she is working on her exciting project, the “xXchrome 1/1” collection. A thought-provoking and visually stunning homage to the female figure, the collection derives its name from the biological fact that women typically possess two X chromosomes. By encapsulating the beauty and intricacies of the female form in her work, Amy sheds light on themes of femininity and power.

The seeds for Amy’s artistic journey were planted in her childhood. As early as nine years old, she began copying images from children’s books, sowing the first seeds of a passion that would define her future. To this day, she continually seeks out inspiration to keep her creativity flowing. Amy’s refuelling process involves laughing with friends and family, cherishing their shared moments together, and spending time in nature. These experiences nourish her creativity and inject fresh ideas into her work.

Amy regards NFTs as powerful tools that increase global access to art. Digital marketplaces and social media platforms enable artists to showcase their work to audiences worldwide. Moreover, the transparency of NFTs offers undeniable proof of ownership, providing a secure platform for both artists and collectors.

As she continues to explore and influence the NFT space with her unique artistic expression, Amy DiGi stands as a testament to the transformative power of art. We eagerly anticipate the launch of her “xXchrome 1/1” collection.

Stay connected with Amy through her Twitter @AmyDiGi, visit her website, and browse her Instagram @amydigi_paintings to explore more of her mesmerizing works.

Published by @vlaneART, Marketing Manager, ArtPacksIO

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