In the ever-evolving world of art, a rare breed of artists continuously push the boundaries of traditional concepts, blending modern technology with classical aesthetics. Tania Kupriyanova, a multi-disciplinary artist known for her photography, filmmaking, and Visual Media Art, is one such trailblazer.

Tania’s artistic vision extends far beyond the conventional, favoring the realms of contemporary and fine art, grounded in classic DNA. In her hands, the analog camera – a Hasselblad 501 – becomes a tool of profound artistic expression. She stands out for her dedication to authenticity, choosing to keep post-processing to a minimum and showcasing only original shots.

The themes Tania explores in her work are as intriguing as her approach to creation. Her art pieces are primarily dedicated to the exploration of femininity and beauty aesthetics, providing a unique perspective that is both introspective and universally relatable.

In her upcoming project, GEOMETRY, Tania plans to combine geometric shapes with philosophical insights, amalgamating this with world artworks that have influenced her. This melding of forms, ideas, and influences promises to be a captivating journey into her artistic evolution.

Tania’s artistic journey began over two decades ago, in a time when her abilities in photography were limited. However, her thirst for artistic knowledge led her to the world’s most famous museums, where she studied global artworks to understand and enhance her artistic vision. It was this exposure that catalyzed the creation of her first artworks, launching her onto a path of continuous exploration and growth.

The advent of the blockchain has brought about significant changes in Tania’s career trajectory, echoing her belief that digital collectibles/NFTs represent “the future that started yesterday.” As a part of the new Era of Web 3 Universe, she sees the blockchain as an invaluable tool that’s transforming the art world and paving the way for a progressive future.

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For more insight into Tania Kupriyanova’s work and her creative journey, visit her Linktree.

With each snapshot, each film frame, and each creation, Tania Kupriyanova redefines the boundaries of contemporary art, all while remaining deeply rooted in classical aesthetics. As she continues her artistic journey, we eagerly await the unveiling of her upcoming GEOMETRY project and look forward to the remarkable ways in which she will continue to shape the artistic landscape.

Published by @vlaneART, Marketing Manager, ArtPacksIO