Meet Ijlal Aslam, an exceptional Visual Artist based in Karachi, Pakistan, with a specialization in 2D/3D Animation and Miniature Photography. With a creative journey spanning a decade, Ijlal has left an indelible mark in the world of motion art and animation.

Ijlal’s artistic voyage began in 2012 when he stepped into the realm of production houses and digital agencies, where he honed his skills as a Motion Artist and Animator. His work adorned commercials, short films, and advertising campaigns, showcasing his talent and versatility. Currently, he holds the position of Lead Animator/Visualizer at an ad firm, further refining his artistry.

Embracing the digital art revolution, Ijlal embarked on his digital collectible/NFT journey in September 2021. Despite having no prior experience in cryptocurrencies or guidelines from others, he fearlessly delved into the world of NFTs. Since then, he has achieved significant milestones, selling several of his art pieces. This newfound avenue has brought immense joy and progress to his artistic career.

Ijlal’s art is a captivating blend of fantasies and imaginations, each piece telling a unique story with hidden messages subtly embedded within. His creative prowess knows no bounds, as he explores various concepts and ideas through his expressive artwork.

Currently, Ijlal is working on animation pieces that will be part of his “MOMENTS” series. Ever since childhood, he was drawn to drawing superheroes, fueling his passion for animation. His desire to infuse motion into his artwork led him to pursue a career in the animation field, where he brings his imagination to life.

Three elements hold great power and significance in Ijlal’s art – HOPE, POSITIVITY, and MOMENTS. These themes shine through his creations, spreading inspiration and motivation to those who behold them.

NFTs, according to Ijlal, are not just transforming the art world’s form but also reshaping how people perceive and appreciate art. With the rise of NFTs, artists like Ijlal have countless opportunities to explore their art and be a part of an amazing transformation within the creative landscape.

Ijlal Aslam’s art journey is an incredible testament to his determination and passion for pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. His work continues to inspire and captivate, bridging the gap between traditional and digital art forms.

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To explore the world of Ijlal Aslam’s visionary art, follow the link to his Linktree: Experience the magic of his creativity and be a witness to the transformative power of NFTs. Embrace the journey of an artist whose artistry knows no limits, leaving an enduring impact on the art world and beyond.

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