Meet Sepideh Gerami, a 24-year-old digital artist hailing from Iran, whose creative journey spans six years of diverse artistic exploration. From working with graphic design and acrylic to finding her passion in digital painting, Sepideh’s artistic evolution has been an incredible journey of self-discovery.

Currently, Sepideh is immersed in parallel projects on two distinct platforms: FND and objkt. On FND, she is diligently crafting a trio of wide-framed pieces for her collection, aiming to create unique compositions that captivate viewers, drawing them into a narrative told through art. Concurrently, she is engaged in the creation of five portraits for her RYB collection on objkt, where she skillfully uses brushwork and a vast range of colors to convey the essence of humanity in simple yet profound forms.

Her artistic journey started with a serendipitous moment in art class when she attempted her first portrait drawing. Although lacking prior experience, the result exceeded expectations and won accolades from her teacher and peers. Yet, Sepideh knew she could push her creative boundaries further and yearned to embark on a lifelong artistic pursuit.

Joining social media proved to be a turning point in her artistic career. It connected her with a vibrant community of talented artists she admired. Engaging with their stunning artworks daily ignited an unquenchable fire within her, fueling her desire to create and become an integral part of this incredible artistic community.

Sepideh‘s vision for her wide-framed pieces is to weave a unique composition that enchants viewers, compelling them to immerse themselves in a captivating artistic story. Through her digital paintings, she passionately explores uncharted territories of emotions, utilizing the vast possibilities of the medium to express herself in ways words alone cannot.

In her portrait pieces, Sepideh masterfully employs primary colors, skillfully blending them to the boundaries of human perception. Her brushwork breathes life into the artworks, capturing the essence of humanity in each portrait, evoking a powerful and emotive connection with her audience.

With her artistic journey still unfolding, Sepideh continues to push her boundaries and explore the endless horizons of creativity. She envisions a future where her art resonates with audiences worldwide, transcending language barriers, and connecting on a profound emotional level.

Through her art, Sepideh Gerami invites you to experience the beauty of emotions and storytelling, expressed in the language of art, in only one line. Discover the captivating world of Sepideh’s digital artistry and her unique collections on FND and objkt. Immerse yourself in the colors, emotions, and narratives her art gracefully weaves.

Explore Sepideh Gerami’s captivating digital art:

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