Nestled in the serene countryside of Eastern Canada, a poet, writer, and artist known as CoinSeer weaves narratives of beauty and spiritual connection through multiple artistic mediums. Her work, a harmonious blend of traditional artistry, digital manipulation, and poetic undertones, speaks volumes about her passion for both tangible and abstract beauty. Her journey reflects a profound exploration of the artistic and spiritual realms, contributing to the rich tapestry of today’s global art landscape.

CoinSeer‘s artistic journey began at the young age of four, studying and drawing in her family’s Bible, captivated by the intricate artwork it harbored. This early exposure to art has since fueled her creative fire, propelling her into various art forms, both traditional and digital. The beauty in the natural world around her, coupled with the art created by others, continues to inspire her creations, infusing her work with a deeply rooted connection to the world around and beyond her.

Working with multiple mediums, CoinSeer has mastered the art of transmuting emotions and thoughts into tangible forms. Whether it’s an evocative poem, a detailed painting, or a dynamic digital art piece using AI and various technologies, each work is a testament to her creative prowess and her pursuit of beauty and connection.

Her involvement in the Exiles Project showcases her adaptability and creative versatility. As a part of this unique collective, CoinSeer contributes to the monthly themed drops, further cementing her position as an influential player in the dynamic art world.

Not just a creator, CoinSeer is also an advocate for the democratisation of the art industry. She champions blockchain technology and the emerging marketplaces it fuels as a revolutionary conduit for art makers and collectors worldwide. In her eyes, digital collecdtibles/NFTs have broken down geographic and economic barriers, allowing previously unseen artists to find an audience and enabling a broader demographic to appreciate and invest in art. She foresees this trend gaining more widespread adoption as time goes on.

CoinSeer‘s work embodies a seamless blend of artistry, spirituality, and technology. Her creations, coupled with her forward-thinking perspectives, continue to shape the narrative of the art world. Follow her journey on Twitter at CoinSeer as she continues to push boundaries, fostering connections through the universal language of art.

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Excited about her work in the #ArtPacks Supernova Drop? This is Coinseer’s mixed-media painting using arylics and many items like salt, twine, screen, paper, buttons and more.

ArtPacks Season 1 promises to highlight artists like CoinSeer, who are not only participants in the art world but also visionaries shaping its future. Stay tuned for more in this vibrant showcase of artistic innovation and expression.

Published by @vlaneART, Marketing Manager, ArtPacksIO

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