In the vibrant art world of Bali, FloLady Ochie stands out as a beacon of creativity and emotional expression. Combining pencil, colored pencils, and watercolor, her artwork is a symphony of bright, soft colors that often features images of women and flowers. Yet, beneath the gentle hues lie deep, dark meanings, encapsulating emotions, women’s roles, mental states, and life experiences.

From her early love for drawing, nurtured by supportive parents, to her current explorations in various artistic techniques, FloLady Ochie’s journey is a testament to growth and passion. Her recent endeavors include a series of watercolor works with lace paper and a triptych created with colored pencils, showcasing her endless creativity.

Now, FloLady Ochie is venturing into the realm of digital collectibles and NFTs, unlocking new ways to experience and engage with art, such as virtual reality galleries on metaverse platforms. This innovative approach allows art lovers worldwide to explore and connect with her work.

FloLady Ochie’s art is more than visual pleasure; it’s a gateway to understanding and empathy. Her work (featured below) in the #ArtPacks_Supernova drop reflect a world filled with complexity and nuance, where soft colors speak bold truths.

Follow her artistic journey on X (@FloLady_Ochie) and Instagram (@floladyart), and immerse yourself in a world where beauty meets depth. Her art is not just an observation; it’s an experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with this incredible work and the mind behind it; it’s a fascinating journey into art and expression that only FloLady Ochie can provide. 🎨✨

Published by @vlaneART, Marketing Manager, ArtPacksIO

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