Meet Darren, also known as No_ID_Known, an artist who redefines life’s struggles and successes through his art. He’s a UK-based artist, poet, and a full-time dad to three aspiring artists. Darren’s journey is marked by global exploration, personal trials, and a relentless pursuit of artistic expression. His art is as diverse as his experiences, incorporating a wide array of mediums, particularly acrylic, with a unique fusion of Graffiti and Abstract Expressionism – a style he aptly terms “Graffstract.”

Darren’s journey into the arts wasn’t an entirely conventional one. He was initially an engineer who traveled and worked globally. However, a severe bout with COVID-19 and related health complications, including a heart condition, led him to reassess his life. This introspection resulted in a shift towards full-time artistry, allowing him to convert his life experiences into powerful visual narratives.

Beyond the canvas, Darren is also a talented poet. He writes under the pen name “Jack Byron,” as a nod to his father and as an homage to his ancestor, the famous poet, Lord Byron. In moments of low inspiration, Darren turns to music, the rhythmic heartbeat that ignites ideas and fuels his creative process.

Today, Darren’s captivating Graffstract pieces have been exhibited in various locations globally, including Dubai, Los Angeles, and Beijing. He’s now expanding his oeuvre to digital art, thanks to the revolutionary world of digital collectibles/NFTs. This transition was encouraged by joining the @NftyDreams community, where he found inspiration and personal growth.

Currently, Darren is deeply immersed in several exciting projects. These include a collection of digital paintings, and a collection of acrylic pieces inspired by the Celtic tribal history of Britain and Ireland. These artworks are brought to life using Celtic symbology and a painting style reminiscent of the Aboriginal art. He’s also writing a book of poetry, which he hopes to publish soon.

According to Darren, the blockchain has revolutionized the accessibility of art, providing instant access to exquisite creations globally and fostering a more equitable economic landscape for artists. The web3 technology allows artists from diverse backgrounds and regions to earn equitably, transcending traditional economic disparities. The result is a constant flow of innovative artworks in a myriad of styles and expressions, a sight truly delightful to any art enthusiast.

Darren acknowledges marketing his art has been a difficult hurdle. With a vast collection of unseen artwork, he has begun to share his unique creations through social media and gallery platforms aiming to reach a broader audience.

Interested in Darren’s work? You can follow his artistic progression on X under the handle @No_ID_Known or dive into his collection and even own a piece of his art by visiting OpenSea at His inspiring journey and art are waiting to be discovered.

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