The ArtPacks Supernova Drop is on the horizon, and we’re turning our attention to the innovative artists who will be featured. Today, we highlight PaxRomanArt, a digital artist from the Philippines known for exploring the depths of identity, culture, and the human experience through his vibrant and surreal art.

Starting with crayons as a child, PaxRomanArt has evolved to use technology to create a unique style of art. His works now combine creativity and technology in an exciting and fresh way, reflecting not just his imagination but also deeper themes of identity and human experience.

PaxRomanArt is also a part of the Exiles, a group of artists who release new works on the platform objkt. This collaboration has broadened his artistic horizons and allowed him to experiment with new forms and concepts in art.

The rise of digital collectibles/NFTs has been instrumental in PaxRomanArt‘s success. They’ve created a direct pathway for artists to showcase their work to a global audience and profit from it without the need for intermediaries. This has unlocked new opportunities not only for him but for many artists worldwide.

In anticipation of the ArtPacks Season 1, Supernova Drop, PaxRomanArt invites everyone to immerse themselves in his vibrant digital world. You can catch a glimpse of his work and follow his journey on X (@pax_art), IG (@paxromanart).

The Supernova Drop is going to be an exciting event, and artists like PaxRomanArt are making it even more special. His work pushes the boundaries of what digital art can be, and it’s sure to inspire many others in the art world.