Meet Pixlosopher, a multi-disciplinary artist who hails from Guadalajara, Mexico. He’s been exploring his artistic prowess since he was 15, traversing across different realms including philosophy, technology, music, and art.

His current focus, a fascinating blend of artificial intelligence tools and pixel art, aims to explore the philosophical dimensions of our digital reality.

Currently, Pixlosopher is developing a collection called “Space Philosophers.” This intriguing project features characters that evolve over time, bringing a new layer of dynamism to digital art. Pixlosopher refers to these as Non-PFPs, or characters that grow and change through art, writings, and curation, diverging from the traditional static profile pictures.

As an artist, Pixlosopher draws from a rich tapestry of experiences. One particular memory that stands out is of him dancing with his mother to the tunes of Soda Stereo, a popular Argentinian band. This day was imprinted in his memory not only for the music but also for the sight of air balloons soaring above his hometown.

In moments of dwindling inspiration, Pixlosopher turns to reading, nature walks, or engaging in stimulating conversations with friends and family. These activities fuel his creativity and provide a rich source of ideas for his art.

When it comes to digital collectibles/non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Pixlosopher sees them as the bedrock of provenance in the digital world, something that didn’t exist back in 2010. He believes the blockchain is revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with digital art, contributing to his philosophical exploration of digital reality.

To follow Pixlosopher’s intriguing journey of creating philosophical art pieces, you can find him on X: @pixlosopher.

Pixlosopher is an artist who breaks the confines of conventional art, venturing into the philosophical dimensions of digital reality. His work resonates with deep thought and presents a refreshing perspective on the relationship between art, philosophy, and the digital world.

Title: Do you like this “2D Tetris in a 3D World”? by @pixlosopher

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