Presenting Toyo Jo, an artist from Egypt whose craft finds vivid expression through color pens, markers, and acrylic paint on paper. His art is a testament to the transformative power of color and personal interpretation, with each piece becoming a personal reflection of the inner self. Toyo Jo himself describes his work by saying, “My drawings are feelings, fantasies, knowledge & undiscovered corners of my mind.”

Toyo Jo’s artistic journey is currently engaged in a profound exploration of self through a self-portrait. He’s working to tell his story through a combination of red and blue hues, focusing not only on the visual but also on the emotional spectrum. By using these primary colors, he’s seeking to evoke fundamental human experiences and emotions.

Toyo Jo is an artist with a bold and dynamic approach. He once engaged in a speed painting session in front of an audience, wielding white acrylic paint on a black canvas. This kind of performance art demands courage, spontaneity, and a willingness to bare one’s artistic process to others – all of which are qualities he possesses in abundance.

Watch him draw here:

His biggest inspiration is himself. This reflective, introspective perspective propels his art forward, with each piece becoming a mirror of his experiences, ideas, and feelings. This approach gives his art an intensely personal and authentic touch, allowing viewers to connect with his works on a deeper level.

Toyo Jo is also embracing the digital revolution in art. He believes art on the blockchain signifies the evolution of art. For Toyo Jo, digital collectibles/NFTs provide a new level of accessibility, authenticity, and longevity to artwork, ensuring art can be appreciated and preserved for generations to come.

You can see the vibrancy of Toyo Jo’s artwork and follow him on his artistic journey on his OpenSea collection ‘I am Majesty’ at You can also engage with him on X ( and IG ( to gain a more personal insight into his world and his process.

Toyo Jo’s work exemplifies the power of color and self-reflection. His journey of self-discovery through art not only resonates with audiences but also fuels his personal growth and creative evolution. As an artist with a unique voice and a passion for introspective creativity, he is undoubtedly a creative force to watch in the global art scene.

Title: Rhythm

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