From Bali, Indonesia, a young artist is making waves in the international art community. At only 13 years old, Anastasia is demonstrating an uncommon dedication and passion, dedicating 5-6 hours every day to her art.

Since joining the NFT community in February 2022, Anastasia’s work has quickly garnered international recognition. From Times Square NYC to exhibitions in Germany, China, and Japan, her vibrant digital creations have been displayed in some of the world’s most iconic venues. Anastasia has also created a unique brand, Soapy Dogs, and launched a fun generative collection, Soapy Dad. With more than 85 of her 1/1 NFTs already in collectors’ hands and over 1,000 Soapy Dad NFTs minted, she is becoming a notable name in the field.

What’s more impressive is her commitment to giving back. Anastasia donates a substantial 50% of her earnings from her artwork sales to support fellow artists and charitable causes, amplifying her impact beyond the digital canvas.

Currently, Anastasia is channeling her energies into several fascinating projects. She’s developing a collection titled Girlinity on KnownOrigin and is simultaneously launching a new Tezos-based collection, Soapy Cats. Always eager to push her boundaries, she’s actively participating in collaborative ventures and diving into dynamic NFT creation at the Innovative Laboratory x HUG.

Anastasia’s artistic journey began early. A prodigious talent, she was creating around 70 pieces a day at the tender age of six. Her passion was further fuelled by impactful experiences like drawing live in front of her school and selling her artwork at charitable auctions.

Even the most gifted artists experience lulls in inspiration, and Anastasia is no exception. However, she embraces these moments as opportunities for growth. Activities like reading, sculpting, sewing, and spending time in nature or with her supportive family all help to recharge her creativity.

Anastasia firmly believes that digital collectibles/NFTs are revolutionizing the art world, eradicating barriers and democratising the space. Regardless of age, nationality, or gender, artists can showcase their work, and more people can become collectors, discovering unique pieces they would never have encountered before.

To delve into Anastasia’s world of vibrant digital art, follow her journey on her website ( and X (@AnastasiaNFTart).

As we witness the rise of young talent in the digital collectibles/NFT space, Anastasia is a perfect example of how age is just a number when it comes to creativity and passion. Her story inspires young artists worldwide to follow their dreams, contribute to their communities, and, above all, never stop creating.