In a world filled with social norms and societal pressures, artists often rise as brave challengers, using their work as a medium to voice concerns, raise awareness, and affect change. The burgeoning digital collectibles/NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) art scene offers a digital stage for these artists to deliver their messages to a global audience. One artist leveraging this stage to highlight and combat societal issues is Iranian artist Gilda.

Known as Atefat on social media platforms, Gilda weaves her passionate defense for women’s rights into her art. She uses a vivid array of thinned colors on pottery, glass, and ceramics, transforming physical art into digital, animated pieces that resonate with her audience.

Creating a Voice for the Unheard

Gilda’s artistic journey started just five years ago, self-taught and fuelled by a burning desire to give a voice to the marginalized. Despite the humble beginnings—complete with mishaps such as spilling paint on her mother’s expensive carpet—Gilda has transformed her talent and passion into an impactful force in the art world.

“I’m currently designing the continuation of my first collection on the Tezos platform,” says Gilda. Her collection centers around traditional and forced marriages of girls, lack of respect for their rights, and the challenges women face in many countries. “There will be women’s voices,” she promises.

A Catalyst for Change

Gilda is motivated by a clear and compelling goal: to reveal women’s problems through art.

“Will problems end?!” she asks rhetorically. “Unfortunately, in many societies, women’s rights have been neglected…girls and women need to be seen, their rights must be seen, maybe one day I can make a small contribution with my art.”

Gilda is making more than a “small contribution.” By amplifying women’s voices and struggles through her work, she is becoming a catalyst for societal change.

A Fusion of Traditional and Digital Art

Gilda’s unique style is a blend of traditional and digital art forms. She began her journey with physical art, but has since ventured into the digital world of NFTs to enhance the impact of her work.

“This may have happened to me because I used to have only physical art, but recently in the NFT world I have learned to combine it with digital to show more impact,” she notes. This fusion has resulted in animated pieces that carry not only aesthetic beauty but also a powerful message.

Follow Gilda’s artistic journey and explore her remarkable works on her X, IG, Foundation, and Objkt pages.