Brazilian-born artist Amara uses photography and poetry to illustrate her profound connection with nature and spirituality. Originally from a small town in Brazil, Amara’s passion for the arts was ignited at a young age. Despite pursuing different professional paths, her true essence inevitably led her back to art—a reunion sparked by her love for photography.

Amara’s distinctive style can be best described as spontaneous, fluid, and provocative. Through the lens of abstract photography, she draws attention to nature’s nuances, fostering new perceptions of reality. A technique called Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) characterizes her work, employing the hand’s movement to create a captivating blur effect in her photos.

Spirituality deeply influences her creative process, and she imbues her art with the belief that everything is energy in constant motion. When she captures a moment through her lens, she goes beyond the material world, striving to encapsulate the very essence and energy of the scene.

In the rapidly evolving world of NFTs, Amara actively shares her art on various platforms. She’s a part of Brashill, a collective of Brazilian artists focused on supporting and amplifying Brazilian art and artists. Alongside her digital ventures, Amara continues to create physical pieces, beautifully framing her fine art photographs.

The artist’s first significant encounter with photography dates back to her childhood. She recalls an enchanting afternoon at a lake during a family event. The scene—illuminated by the late afternoon sunlight reflecting off the water—captivated her so much that she borrowed her father’s analog camera to capture the moment. That cherished photograph, which she has preserved to this day, marked the genesis of her lifelong love for photography.

During periods of creative stagnation, Amara reconnects with her inner self. Practices like meditation, breathing exercises, music, and dancing elevate her energy levels and remind her of the reasons she creates. Her art aims to provoke emotions, pose vital questions, and encourage viewers to perceive the world through a more positive, colorful, and poetic lens.

Amara sees the advent of NFTs as a significant expansion of the art world, offering increased security for artists and collectors alike. The technology’s global reach has also brought her closer to a diverse range of art and artists.

With a firm belief in her art’s potential, Amara plans to continue sharing her creations with an ever-widening audience. Through her NFTs, she has participated in exhibitions both locally and internationally, and she’s eager to expand this reach further. Her future ambitions include publishing a book intertwining her poetry and photographs and exploring her art’s potential in the world of fashion and accessories.

Amara’s journey is an inspiring tale of an artist who captures the unseen energy of the world. Each click of her camera unveils the vibrant colors, poetry, and unnoticed beauty of life—inviting us all to see the world with different eyes.

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