Meet Mahdi Samadi, or MVDII, a 23-year-old hailing from Tehran, Iran. His work is an incredible blend of photography and digital art, weaving intense moods with hidden messages that engage the soul. 🎨✨

A Journey Through Light and Color

As a child, Mahdi’s fascination with colors and lightings transcended the ordinary. With a book filled with shapes of animals, he embarked on a journey of endless colorizations, erasing and recreating his vibrant world. A two-year obsession with music videos solidified his love for colors, lighting, and the emotional narratives they could craft.

Memories Transformed into Art

Mahdi’s art isn’t just a visual experience; it’s a dance of memories, a melody of feelings. Starting with a memory, he allows the idea to grow organically, forming a seamless fusion of emotions and imagery. His works are a part of his journey, each piece a stepping stone, a memory re-lived, and a passion uncontained.

A Personal Quest for Freedom

Mahdi shares his personal yearning, “As a man who lives in the Middle East, I only have a vision about freedom; it’s more like a dream for me. The only place I have seen it is on TV. I have always tried to reach it in some levels. I’m free sometimes, just in my mind, yet. I will try to make it real; I promise that.” This inner struggle and desire resonate through his art, making it a universal quest for understanding and liberation.

The Artistic Influence of MVDII

Mahdi’s work for ArtPacks, daily cover arts, videos, and teasers represent a reservoir of creativity that goes beyond aesthetics. Each piece is a world of intense mood, designed to evoke feelings, revive memories, and uncover hidden meanings.

His belief in the transformative power of NFTs is profound, seeing them as gateways to a better understanding of artists and their societies. Through NFTs, he foresees a global convergence of art, culture, and empathic connections that transcend borders.

An Invitation to Explore

Dive into the world of Mahdi Samadi and experience art like never before:

A Global Vision, A Personal Touch

Mahdi’s art is more than shapes and colors. It’s a language that speaks to the heart, a melody that resonates with the soul, and a vision that connects us all.

Join MVDII in this artistic adventure in the Birthright Drop, be inspired by his passion, and discover art that is not just seen but felt.