On today’s interview you’ll know more about this talented 27 years old artist from Iran, so passionate about the moon, it turned our companion satellite into her own name. Luna has a BA in production design and even though Art is the first thing coming to mind when we think or her, she won the gold medal in the national design olympiad. How impressive is that?

Luna, we’re glad to have you on the Supernova drop and excited about what you’ll bring to the table. Looking at your work, we feel like observing a parallel universe with its own stories and characters. How long did it take you to develop this style? Is there a special story behind this world you created?

Thank you for having me supernova! It’s a blast working with a marvelous team and your talented line up of artists!

I’ve been obsessed with shapes and colors and abstraction since I was 14, but I guess the merge between them and character design happened gradually. Though looking back I can see some traces in my drawings from my teen years!

However the ‘spark’ that resulted in the style I have now happened in 2020 when I was more focused on my art, and digitally, than I had ever been. They’re all inspired by stories I’ve heard or seen along the way. As for my ‘She’ series, the beginning comes from 2015, which was the year I drew this lady figure for the first time for a university assignment, and since 2 years ago I started working on it again and turned it into a collection/series as there’s so much room to tell stories of inspiring women.

Even though individually your work is beautiful, your identity shows a different kind of power when we display your pieces as a group. Have you ever done an exhibition or do you intend to do one?

That’s awesome to hear, thank you! I have not had an individual exhibition yet, but I do hope to have one at some point (and hopefully soon!!). Though I have had the pleasure of being part of group exhibitions before! Including metacon Dubai, Self exhibition Amsterdam, Artcrush Ghent and Artcrush Brussels, and my upcoming billboard during Frieze art week Seoul.

How was the experience of creating a 6529 meme?

It was great to work with such an inspiring team. They continue to push the community forward in many ways. I loved that I had the freedom to create what I wanted and expand that universe outside the memes too, and it was a blast to be part of a collection featuring artists I’ve admired for years (some even before NFTs!). I’m super proud of the piece I created for the memes and I have and will continue to expand ‘memeland’ in many ways.

What’s your favorite piece among your creations?

There are a few pieces that are very close to my heart. For example ‘mother moon’ is inspired by my relationship with my mother and is one of my favorites. ‘Rosethorn’ depicts the struggle of depression and thriving during the most difficult times, which is also very personal. And I’m also super proud of what I achieved with ‘Alice in Memeland’

What inspires you?

A lot of things really. I may be going about my day and a conversation, a picture, an object, etc. might suddenly give me inspiration for a new piece. Though most of my inspiration comes from stories. Whether in film, books, movies, or of people and experiences around me. One of my main inspirations has always been Alice in Wonderland, it’s my favorite classic!

When and how did you learn about NFTs?

I heard about NFTs once the Beeple sale went viral, I started researching but didn’t take the leap until April 2021. I was commissioned to create some illustrations for a project on the Cardano platform. Afterwards in July, I decided to start minting my own work as an independent artist and I’m super happy I did!

How do you think NFTs are changing the way we experience art?

It’s brought us a lot closer to people around the globe, I’ve made many friends who all share the same interest in art and that’s amazing! There’s also many opportunities here, even in this state of the market, and I’m not talking about monetary opportunities. There’s also the innovation side of it, and it’s allowing us to push boundaries and experiment – which I love. Also how every artist can mark their ‘legacy’ with this technology. I think it’s all very interesting.

What’s your ultimate goal as an artist?

I guess the main and ultimate goal is to keep telling stories, and that someday somewhere a few of these stories can touch some hearts. Even if it’s only a dozen people. It’s amazing if even one person connects with something you do. And I’d love to leave that behind. Everything else is just part of the process. 

Luna, we can’t wait to see what character you’ll bring to ArtPacks on this season!! Thanks a lot for this interview and we hope to see more from you on upcoming drops as well!

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