Lapis Lazuli, an Italy-based artist, is as much a teacher and curator as she is a creator. With a background in painting and sculpture, her work ranges from traditional to digital art forms. She’s gearing up for a new exhibition in Paris, a significant accomplishmeng in her art career.

For Lapis, art isn’t a choice; it’s a part of her. Inspired by everything from renowned artists like Jasper Johns to everyday experiences, she crafts pieces that are a reflection of her thoughts and emotions. When asked about her life’s work, Lapis simply says, “It’s all I know.”

She’s also enthusiastic about the potential of NFTs. For her, they offer a new kind of accessibility—a “portable gallery,” as she puts it, offering both artists and collectors flexibility and ease.

For those interested in learning more about Lapis Lazuli’s art journey, she can always be found sharing her world on Instagram and Twitter inviting you to an eternal tapestry of art that knows no boundaries.

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