Six years ago, ANGGA picked up a camera and began capturing life through a lens. Five months back, after losing his job, he embraced the NFT world, letting his photos speak the universal language of art, even as he navigates the language barrier with the help of a translator.

The Work

Currently, ANGGA balances his photography with part-time work alongside his cousin. His work focuses on the vibrant and complex tapestry that is Indonesian life, beauty, and culture. Among his standout pieces is “Confuse,” a raw, emotional capture listed on OpenSea. It epitomizes his definition of art as “hidden feelings,” capturing a moment when his subject’s face spoke volumes of untold struggles.

Infinite Inspiration

For ANGGA, the streets of Jakarta are an endless canvas of inspiration. “The inspiration never goes away because it’s always there when shooting,” he says. His camera doesn’t just take pictures; it captures stories, each snapshot preserving a slice of life that most would overlook.

Birthright Art by @angga_jakariah

Connect with ANGGA and explore his view of Indonesia through his lens.
Twitter: janga_jakariah

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