Once Paolo Della Ciana stepped into the dim-lit artist’s studio at the tender age of 5, he knew he had discovered his sanctuary. Nestled behind a medieval church in his hometown of Città della Pieve, the studio was a treasure trove of creative mystique. It wasn’t just a room; it was a living entity that whispered the secrets of artistry into young Paolo’s ears.

Fast forward to today, Paolo is stationed in Perugia, Italy, and has swapped the traditional canvas for something a bit more unpredictable—Polaroid film. His art speaks volumes through hazy landscapes and strokes of acrylic colors that blur the lines between the photograph and the painted canvas.

Yet, it wasn’t until recently that Paolo dived into the world of NFTs. Skeptical at first, an interview sparked his interest and opened a digital Pandora’s box. Suddenly, Paolo saw a fascinating overlap between his analog art and this burgeoning digital landscape. He realized that NFTs weren’t just about making a quick buck; they were platforms of limitless creative potential.

So, as he meticulously plans each Polaroid shot, remembering the costs and stakes, Paolo also embraces the unpredictability that his beloved medium brings. Much like life itself, you can prepare all you want, but the final shot is always somewhat out of your control. It’s a philosophy he’s applied to his art and now to his journey in the world of NFTs—a world that he once viewed as a distant galaxy but now calls home.

You can check out Paolo’s journey and works on his Twitter, Instagram, and official website.

the future ahead by @PaoloDellaCiana included in the Birthright Drop

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