Born in Brooklyn and currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany, Joe Martine aka @terriblyexcited is an artist with a singular mission: to harvest the world’s most precious resource, “deep human connection.” Known for his eclectic range—from a giant pom pom to paintings, drawings, and performances—Martine is a modern-day renaissance man of sorts. His work isn’t just visually engaging; it’s a catalyst for joy, laughter, and unity.

Growing up, Martine was inspired by the art around him. His earliest memory is of his mother sketching a Transformer toy so vividly that it captured his imagination forever. Since then, he’s been on a journey to use his creativity to unite people. Whether it’s through his exhibitions or his various online channels, Martine is a maestro of sustainable merriment and renewable charm.

Currently, he is showcasing his famed pom pom while creating content aimed at warming people’s hearts. A man with immense faith in humanity, Martine believes that art can serve as a bridge, connecting various cultures and fostering a deeper understanding among us all. So next time you see a giant pom pom or stumble upon a work that makes you want to dance, sing, or play, chances are you’re in Joe Martine’s vibrant universe.

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Artwork available in the Supernova ArtPack:
Title: Day and night, night and day, your inner child wants to play by @terriblyexcited

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