It’s not just any artist who can take you on a trip through the corridors of the mind, but The High Priestess is exceptional like that. An architect from India, she seamlessly blends her technical expertise with a spiritual quest, creating digital art that navigates the complex terrains of mental health. Her art is like a soft whisper in your ear, saying, “You’re not alone.”

As she gears up for her next exhibitions in Seoul, South Korea, she is a living testament to the transformative power of art. Reflecting on her journey, The High Priestess credits her first art teacher, Artist Piraji Sagra. The first lesson she learned was not about lines or colors but about seeing right into the ‘soul’ of the subject. It’s a practice she has internalized, making her art a form of soul-talk.

Sometimes the chatter of life drowns the calming energy of meditation, her primary source of inspiration. But rather than succumbing to despair, she turns her focus outward, thinking about that solitary soul somewhere in the world who needs to hear her message right at that moment. This drive to “make the world a happier place” fuels her to push the boundaries.

The advent of NFTs has been a game-changer for her, eliminating commissions and opening up interactive art experiences. She loves the close-knit digital art blockchain community where artists not just interact but generate meaningful discussions. With virtual exhibitions and collaborations made easy, she sees NFTs as a portal to a boundaryless experience of art.

Crazy Freedom by @thepriestessnft | Available in ArtPacks Season 1: Birthright Drop

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