Meet Teomia, a multifaceted artist hailing from Tbilisi, Georgia. Wearing the hats of a Wellness Mentor, Qigong Practitioner, and NFT artist, Teomia embodies the synergy between art and wellness. She passionately believes that life is the universe’s most priceless gift, and her work is a testament to that.

Teomia’s journey into art took a transformative turn following a harrowing life event—a heart attack followed by nine days in a coma. During her rehabilitation period, she channeled her pain through art. It was also around this time she discovered NFTs, which not only aided her recovery from PTSD and depression but also instilled a new purpose in her life.

Inspired by music, nature, and humanity, Teomia finds the NFT space empowering for community building. It offers a platform where artists worldwide can connect, respect, and collaborate towards achieving their dreams. Teomia’s story is not just about survival; it’s about living every moment to the fullest and finding strength through art and community.

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