Images that even still, appear to be moving. That’s a kind of magic Mpozzecco masters. The futuristic, abstract style gives room to our mind to explore the extra layers on each of the pieces. A self taught artist from Turkey, Mpozzecco hold an impressive mark of 50 collabs in 6 months and over 1000 NFTs sold on KnownOrigin, being exhibited in IRL exhibitions in Rome, London and Lisbon.

Gm Mpozecco! We’re excited to chat with you today! Your style is hypnotic and mesmezing! Would you tell us about your background and how you found out you’re an artist?

I’ve always been fascinated with patterns and colors, even as a child. My journey into the world of art wasn’t through formal education but rather self-exploration and experimentation. As I delved deeper into the digital realm, I found a passion for blending geometry with abstract forms. The epiphany that I was an artist came when I noticed the emotional responses my creations evoked in people. Being a self-taught artist, every piece is a part of my learning journey, and the NFT space has given me a platform to share that with the world

Your pieces were exhibited in a few galleries worldwide. Did you have this kind of exposure before NFTs?

No, I hadn’t had any significant exposure in galleries before the NFT realm. My art journey was more personal and digital, so the widespread recognition and global audience that NFTs brought were both surprising and deeply gratifying.

How did you start toying with AI? How do you think this new technology is shaping the future of art?

My initial encounter with AI was through online art forums and communities. Seeing artists incorporate AI-driven processes into their work piqued my interest. I believe AI presents a frontier where art can evolve in ways we’ve yet to fully imagine, melding human creativity with computational intricacies to produce art that’s both innovative and thought-provoking

What’s your favorite piece among your creations?

It’s like choosing a favorite child! But if I must, “Ephemeral Harmony” holds a special place in my heart. It was a turning point in my artistic journey

When you’re depleted of inspiration, what drives you to keep going?

Nature is my refuge. Whenever I’m feeling drained, I take long walks, allowing the patterns, colors, and forms in the natural world to recharge and inspire me.

How did you find out about NFTs?

It was serendipitous, really. I was scrolling through a friend’s timeline on social media when I stumbled upon a post about their first minted NFT. Intrigued by the concept and the vibrant artwork showcased, I dived deeper to understand more. That initial discovery on a simple timeline opened the door to this expansive and revolutionary world of NFTs for me.

How do you think NFTs are changing the way we experience art?

NFTs are breaking barriers. They’re democratizing art ownership, bridging gaps between artists and enthusiasts, and revolutionizing art preservation and provenance. The immersive, interactive experiences they offer are redefining how we engage with art.

What’s your ultimate goal as an artist?

My ultimate goal is to create pieces that resonate, evoke emotions, and push the boundaries of digital art, leaving a lasting impact on both the traditional and digital art realms.

MPozzecco, thank you immensely for being a part of the Fast Forward drop and taking a time for this interview!

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