Today we’re interviewing a talented artist from India. At 25 years old, Rohit has been awarded a gold medal for Design and had his pieces exhibited througout the globe. Passionated about the cosmos, his pieces explore alternate realities beyond our imagination where limits are unknown.

Rohit, gm! You have a background as an awarded designer but ventured into art in the last years. What made you choose this path?

Its been a decade now that I  started out my journey as an artist initially, then venturing off to the design sector. I chose the path because it let me tell stores like nothing else could, allowing me to explore my area of interest, “the cosmos”, which fuels my passion for art. 

Your pieces strike us as futuristic, surreal and abstract with a twist of vaporware palette. How did you develop this style? What drove you to it?

I’d like to call my style the Cosmic Style, it has been meticulously crafted with a lot of experimentation of the past decade. It involved plenty of research and out of the box imagination since I didn’t want to recrate what already has been found; I wanted to make a whole galactic structure from scratch. The question: “What exists out there in the universe that humans havent explored yet?”, pushed me to explore the cosmic art that I do today.

How’s your creation process? How do you start and how do you know a piece is done?

My creation process is really long, it usually takes over a month for me to create a single piece thats why I always keep over 3-4 pieces in funnel. I always start by getting inspirations about the cosmos, reading articles and research papers about the cosmic giants. After I have an inspiration, I start doing the magic on my 3D softwares. I’m never convinced a piece is complete, that;’s why sometimes a piece might take me over 6 months to finish. Eventually, when I start to feel the image tells a story, it means I’m finished. In the end, it might take a year of a week.

Do you use AI to aid or create your pieces? Do you believe AI is changing digital art in a definitive way?

I don’t use AI of any sort of things, everything I do is from scratch and I take a lot of pride in that. My goal is to give the collectors something so rare no one else could ever get their hands on to. AI definitely changing the way art has been made, I’ve collected a lot of AI pieces which resonate with my emotions. AI as a tool sounds really interesting and I’m looking forward on how artists play with it.

What kind of legacy would you like to leave behind through your art?

In the future after I pass away, when the people of the future traverse the cosmos, I want them to remember me as the artist who envisioned the cosmos even before it was traversable. 

When and how did you learn about NFTs?

A friend of mine posted about some nft sales on his instagram, through there I started to gain interest into it, ive been making art over a decade now and this felt like an incredible opportunity.

How do you think NFTs are changing the way we experience art?

The ability to tap into a global market of collectors and a community of artists, thats what has been so impactful as an artist and collector for me. I can explore a million artworks online which wasn’t practical in the physical medium. It has created an art revolution.

What’s your ultimate goal as an artist?

To be remembered as the person who explored the uncharted cosmos even before anyone could think of it.

Thank you Rohit for the interview! We hope to see your art on the future planets humans are still to explore!!

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