From India emerges a unique artist named Jessy, whose doodles have captured the hearts of many. Delving into the world of animation art, Jessy creates visual magic that resonates with audiences across the globe. Her work is more than mere lines and colors; it’s a glimpse into her artistic journey and the emotions that guide her.

A Reflection of Thoughts and Feelings

Each doodle and gif Jessy creates is an artistic mirror reflecting her inner thoughts and feelings. Whether sparking imagination, evoking wonder, laughter, or empathy, her art aims to connect with people on a profound level. Her passion for doodling and animating isn’t static but an ever-evolving adventure that she joyfully shares with the world.

A Journey That Began in School Books

Jessy‘s artistic voyage began in the pages of her school books. There, amongst notes and texts, flourished emojis and doodles that hinted at the talent waiting to be unveiled. Those humble beginnings laid the foundation for an artistic career that would extend beyond the margins of textbooks.

The Role of Friends and Community

The camaraderie and connections Jessy has forged along her path play a crucial role in her artistic development. Friends, fellow artists, and the broader community act as a support network, encouraging her to explore, innovate, and continue her creative journey.

Embracing the NFT Revolution

Jessy’s art found a new dimension with the advent of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). They have provided her with control, flexibility, and innovative revenue streams. Through NFTs, Jessy can sell her art directly to collectors without intermediaries, fostering trust and building a more transparent relationship between artist and collector. The ongoing revenue from resales in the secondary market is also a welcomed change, allowing her to benefit continually from her creations.

Tokenizing Physical Artworks

NFTs have also allowed Jessy to tokenize physical artworks, turning them into one-of-a-kind digital assets. This convergence of the physical and digital worlds adds a new layer of complexity and appeal to her work.

Connect with Jessy

To immerse yourself in Jessy’s creative world of doodles and gifs, visit her Linktree where you’ll find links to her various platforms.


Jessy‘s art is a symphony of doodles and gifs, weaving emotions, thoughts, and feelings into a visual language that speaks to the soul. Her embrace of technology through NFTs has amplified her reach and potential, making her one of the inspiring artists in the contemporary art scene. Her story is a reminder that art can transcend barriers, connect hearts, and inspire minds. With a pencil, a touch of color, and boundless creativity, Jessy continues to enchant and engage, one doodle at a time.

Birthright Artwork by Jessy @DoodlePeops

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