From Tehran, Iran, comes an artist whose imagination knows no bounds. Sina Beizavi started drawing figures even before learning to write his name. Over the years, his restless creativity has driven him to master various mediums, from pencil and paint to advanced digital tools.

A Multi-Faceted Artist

Beizavi’s journey in art is marked by experimentation. He has dabbled in markers, watercolors, oil pastels, and many more before discovering the magic of digital art. From Photoshop to 3D software like 3ds MAX, Cinema 4D, and Houdini, Beizavi has been relentless in pushing the boundaries of creativity. Fantasy creatures, human faces, and figures captivate him, fueling his artistry.

Current Work: A World of Fantasy

He is currently developing a digital collection that paints a world where humans and mythical creatures coexist. The theme of Seduction/Deception weaves through these paintings, presenting humans as targets lured by the creatures around them. The striking visual narratives carry an undercurrent of intrigue and tension, offering glimpses into a fantastical realm.

An Unconventional Start

Beizavi’s unorthodox approach to art started at a young age. At four, he attended an art class and outshone his peers by refusing to follow a basic lion drawing example. This small act of defiance revealed his belief in his abilities and was the last time he ever attended a drawing class, choosing to be self-taught instead.

Creative Process and Inspiration

Beizavi’s artistic process is organic and fluid. He begins by drawing figures, constantly reshaping and evolving them until they resonate with him. The details lead him to the story behind the characters, each stroke adding layers to the narrative. He also finds inspiration in the works of other artists, using them as motivational springboards for his own creations.

The NFT Revolution and Self-Expression

NFTs have played a transformational role in Beizavi’s life. Being a gay artist creating homoerotic art in a religious country has posed significant risks. However, the emergence of the web3 world has provided him with a platform to showcase his art safely. He’s making friends with artists worldwide, gaining recognition, and selling his art – a realization of a dream he never knew he had.

More than Just an Artist

Beyond his visual art, Beizavi is also an actor and filmmaker. Although he never saw himself as an artist who could sell paintings, the NFT world has created opportunities he never expected.

Find Sina Beizavi Online

To explore Beizavi’s incredible work, you can find him on X, Instagram, Threads, Vimeo, and The Hug.


Sina Beizavi’s story is a testament to the power of creativity, self-belief, and the digital revolution’s potential to open doors and break down barriers. His art not only enthralls with its fantastical themes but also speaks to courage, identity, and the unbreakable spirit of an artist who refused to be confined by limitations.

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