SiyaSense is more than an artist; she is a pioneer, activist, mental health advocate, mother, and Senior IT Consultant based in Baltimore. Her art doesn’t just seek to please the eye but aims to bring about social change and improve quality of life. As the founder of NFTtikiBar, a unique Bar-On_Blockchain project currently in the ideation stage, she strives to create a platform for networking and supporting the web3 community.

Artistry in Her Blood

Drawing from a lineage of skilled goldsmiths, SiyaSense’s passion for art was inspired by her cousin brother, who taught her the importance of grids in drawing. Her connection to her familial past enhances her craft, infusing it with tradition and an essence of inherited skill.

A Fusion of Techniques

SiyaSense’s work is a seamless blend of traditional and modern artistic techniques, creating emotive pieces that connect with viewers on an emotional level. Her exploration of new artistic tools keeps her work fresh and innovative, reflecting a continuous journey of creative discovery.

Inspiration and Strength

God and her two daughters are the central sources of inspiration and strength for SiyaSense. Observing her daughters, unique and full of life, fuels her courage to strive towards becoming the best version of herself. Her art is not just an expression but a manifestation of hope, love, and protection of purity.

Nftikibar: A Vision for a New Community

Nftikibar, the project SiyaSense is currently developing, represents a revolutionary concept. It’s an envisioned space where projects, individuals, and agencies can network, support, and elevate the web3 community. This one-of-a-kind Bar-On_Blockchain aims to foster collaboration and empowerment within the digital realm.

Embracing the NFT Revolution

SiyaSense’s engagement with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has allowed her to enter an expansive world of opportunities. Through NFTs, she tokenizes her work, connecting with collectors and challenging traditional art market practices. Her enthusiasm for this digital shift resonates with her broader vision of innovation, although she acknowledges the debates and concerns related to environmental impacts and copyright issues.

Connect with SiyaSense

To learn more about SiyaSense and her work, you can follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn, or visit her Linktree.


SiyaSense’s art is a harmonious integration of tradition, innovation, and advocacy. Her endeavors extend beyond mere aesthetics, embodying a vision for social change and community building. As an artist, activist, and visionary, she is crafting a future where art is not just seen but felt, and where creativity serves a greater purpose. Her story is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of art in the digital age.

Supernova Art by @Siya_Siya_99
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