Yaga_Ma, an artist based in Sofia and Berlin, was once haunted by the fearsome figure of Baba Yaga in her dreams. As a child feeling different and experiencing bullying, she was tormented by the dark goddess of the forest. Yet, one day, she chose to embrace her fear, allowing herself to be devoured by the witch. From that moment, she was reborn, and her creative journey truly began.

Her story is an extraordinary tale of transformation and empowerment. Yaga_Ma has transcended her pain and fear, learning to cast her emotions into powerful works of art, spanning paintings, poems, video, and mixed media. As she embraced her wildness, she found her voice, weaving her experiences into joyous wisdom.

Her art is a unique intersection of feminism, spirituality, and creativity. Yaga_Ma’s current focus is on digital art and collages in the form of NFTs, as well as a conceptual collection of wearables known as “Biting Panties.”

The Biting Panties & PUSSYNATOR Collection

The “Biting Panties” originated when Yaga_Ma became a mother. Seeking to come to terms with her new role and self, she turned to the healing power of art. Hand-painting panties with the image of a toothed flower-vulva, she created a symbol of empowerment and divine dualities.

This physical art naturally evolved into the “PUSSYNATOR” NFT collection. Based on digitally manipulated photos of her wearing the Biting Panties, each piece is accompanied by a poem. It’s an exploration of ancient symbols and an unapologetic embrace of the shadow feminine, reflecting pain, anger, and healing.

A Musical Beginning

Yaga_Ma’s earliest artistic memories are musical. From singing in a choir to learning the violin, music ignited her creativity. A harsh criticism from her second-grade art teacher, who dismissed her talent, became a catalyst for her to pursue visual art. It ignited her ambition and led her to become a visual artist and VJ in the early 2010s.

Inspiration and NFTs

Yaga_Ma believes that inspiration is an inexhaustible well, drawn from a divine source. Her approach to unblocking creativity includes yoga, swimming, dancing, and praying. She views NFTs as revolutionary, providing accessibility, transparency, and new opportunities for experimentation.


Yaga_Ma’s art is not merely visual; it’s a soulful journey that invites the observer into a world where nothing is unwanted, and everything is one. Her work is a biting commentary on patriarchy and a celebration of the feminine in all its complexity.

Discover more about Yaga_Ma’s art through her X and Instagram.

Yaga_Ma’s story is an inspiring testament to resilience, creativity, and the power of embracing one’s true self. Her work is a captivating blend of personal narrative, symbolic imagery, and a desire to heal and empower.