Ross A Brown is a digital photographer in our Birthright drop is based in the vast, captivating landscapes of New Mexico, USA. With an eye for grand scenes and intricate textures, Brown’s passion lies in bringing the wild and beautiful vistas of his region to life through his lens. A solitary adventurer, his weekends are spent camping and exploring the wild places abundant in his area.

Early Artistic Beginnings

Brown’s connection to color and artistic expression began at an early age. He recalls coloring a horse with red-violet instead of red in school and despite losing points for it, felt a sense of pride in his work. This early experience set the stage for a lifelong pursuit of visual art, leading him to the world of photography.

A Personal Connection to Photography

For Brown, photography is more than just a creative pursuit; it’s a deeply personal and inspirational act. He cherishes the times when he can turn off his mind’s running commentary and respond to the world around him through his camera. His solo adventures leave him recharged and, when life becomes irritable and disconnected, he knows it’s time to venture out and shoot again.

He’s not afraid to evaluate and reflect on his work. Sometimes the images don’t meet his expectations, leading him to adjust his approach for future trips. This continuous learning process embodies his growth as an artist.

The Beauty of NFTs

Brown has embraced the world of NFTs, appreciating how it levels the playing field for artists worldwide. It allows anyone to make, promote, and sell their art, providing access for people from various backgrounds to view, appreciate, and collect art from almost anywhere.

Ultimate Goal as an Artist

Brown’s artistic goal is continuous growth and improvement in his skills. He wants to capture the heart of the scenes that draw him in and reach those who would enjoy his art. Ultimately, he dreams of being fully financially supported by his art, a goal that resonates with many creative professionals.


Ross A Brown’s photography is a stunning homage to the landscapes of New Mexico. His passion for grand scenes, texture, and exploration is evident in every frame. His dedication to continuous growth, love for NFTs, and ultimate goal of financial independence reflects a modern artist’s journey.

You can explore more of Ross A Brown’s work on his website, X, and Instagram.