Uploading Your Art for Your ArtPacks Drop(s)

Welcome to the Art Upload process for ArtPacks! As a contributing artist, your creativity is a crucial part of this innovative platform, and we’re thrilled to have you on board. Uploading your art is a straightforward process, and we’ve outlined each step to ensure a seamless experience.

Step 1: Enable Browser Translator

First, we recommend having a browser translator enabled. Since we’re working with a partner in Brazil, we haven’t managed to translate everything yet. This feature will help you understand the content that might be in Portuguese. If you don’t have a translator enabled, follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser settings: Go to the settings menu in your browser, usually found in the top-right corner.
  2. Find the Language settings: This might be under ‘Advanced Settings’ or similar, depending on your browser.
  3. Enable Translation: Look for an option to automatically translate foreign languages and turn it on.
  4. Choose your preferred language: Make sure your browser is set to translate to your preferred language.

Now you’re all set to explore content without any language barriers!

Step 2: Reset Your Password

  1. Click on “I forgot my password.”
  2. Enter your e-mail and click on “Recover.”
  3. You will receive an email from the server (no-reply@jbtec.com.br).
  4. Click on “Reset Password.”
  5. Enter your new password.
  6. Login again at ArtPacks Fusion (https://artpacks.fusion.usign.io/login)

TROUBLESHOOTING: AFTER resetting your password, IF you still cannot log in with the new password, please try the following steps:

  1. Email address is case-sensitive and must be entered in all lowercase letters.
  2. Manually Enter the New Password: Your browser might not have saved the new password even if you click save. Try typing the new password manually.
  3. Contact Us: If manually entering the password doesn’t work, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Introducing Embedded Metadata

We’re committed to integrating blockchain Art with the traditional Art Industry. As there’s no standard for minting or categorizing art minted on the blockchain, it’s challenging to have them accepted by traditional art databases. We’re introducing embedded metadata based on research from the Getty Foundation and Linked Art. ArtPacks Season 1 will beta-test this feature, aiming to benefit everyone by making researchable art and collection selections available through keywords.

Step 3: Edit Your Artist Profile

  • Mandatory fields: ARTIST NAME and MINT WALLET.
  • The artist’s name appears with your artwork, and the mint wallet is for your contract.
  • Add any other information to enhance your professional appearance in the metadata database.
  • If tracking sales with multiple wallets, separate them with a comma (,).
  • For multiple portfolio links, also use a comma.

Step 4: Select Your Artwork to Edit

  • You’ll find a draft in the “My Artworks” in the left sidebar to upload the artwork for each drop you are participating in.
  • Select the artwork to edit.
  • You can see examples like the thumbnail preview for still images or a checkmark for videos/animations. (See example on the right)
  • Sizing: 6000×9000 pixels portrait or landscape or 2×3 or 3×2 aspect ratio

Image Sizing

6000×9000 pixels portrait or landscape. (If you can’t meet this resolution, you can deliver less resolution but we require this ratio for the best performance on digital displays).
2×3 or 3×2 Aspect Ratio

Square version for preview purposes. Here’s what we need for the preview image:

  • Size: 2000×2000 pixels
  • Format: PNG (NO transparency)
  • Text: None
  • Logos: No ArtPacks logo or other branding
  • Borders: None
  • Additional Effects: No gimmicks
  • Overall Appearance: A straightforward preview image

This version will be used in preview areas, so please ensure it meets these requirements. Thank you!

Step 5: Edit Your Artwork

  • Title: Keep it short.
  • Description: Make it interesting and detailed to share your artwork’s story.
  • Files: Confirm the file name and size. Thumbnails are visible for still images, while videos show a checkmark.

Step 6: Submit Your Artwork

  1. Save the draft or submit it for approval when ready. (See image to the left)
  2. The draft is editable until submitted, after which the curator reviews it.
  3. Check the status in the dashboard.
  4. Once approved, it moves to the “Ready” tab (see below).
  5. After minting, view it in the “Minted” tab.