Welcome to ArtPacks! We’ve put together a checklist to help you navigate the project and help get you started on your ArtPacks journey. This list is in order of MUST do when you join as an artist.

ArtPacks Artist Checklist

    • Read the FAQ: We are excited to welcome you and we’ve curated a list of the most asked questions. If after reading the FAQ you still have questions we are here to help. (Required)

    • Join Discord: πŸ”— Join our Discord community by clicking the link: https://discord.gg/sz7YfQuQxZπŸ“Œ If you’re new to Discord, no worries! Watch this 15-minute video introduction to get familiar with the platform. If you have any questions or find yourself still confused, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. We’re here to help! πŸŽ₯🀝(Required)

    • Once You Know Your Drop: Access Discord Group Drop Channel: Once you’ve logged into the ArtPacks Discord Server, you’ll be prompted to accept the rules, giving you access to various “channels” on the server.πŸ“ŒLook for Drops SI in the left menu bar you’ll find the name of the theme you’re participating in. If you don’t have access to your group, simply post your name in the Community, General Chat channel, and we’ll give you access. πŸŽ¨πŸ–ŒοΈ (Required)

    • Upload Your Art: Follow the Art Upload instructions here to prepare your contributions to the ArtPacks project. 🎨✨ (Required)

    • Create Promo Artwork: Create your promo artwork using the ArtPacksIO mask template available from the ArtPacks Brand Assets page. 🎨✨ (Opportunity)HELPFUL TIP:
      Here’s a handy trick to make the process easier:

    • Preview File as Promo Pic: Feel free to use the same preview file as your promo picture. Some artists find simply adding the PNG to the preview file works perfectly.

    • Tools for Resizing & Creating Materials: If you need to resize your art for previews or create promotional materials, consider using Canva. It’s a free, user-friendly alternative to more complex tools like Photoshop, making it a breeze to work with.

    • Complete the Interview Form: It only takes a few minutes to complete and is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and showcase your work.πŸŽ¨πŸš€ (Opportunity)

    • Share Oncyber Gallery: Having an online gallery is crucial for promoting your work. If you don’t have one you can create an Oncyber Gallery for FREE: Sign up here.πŸ“ŒIf you have an Oncyber gallery: please send a direct message (DM) to @__Philosopher on X (Twitter) with the link to your gallery. Please include the drop you’re participating in! πŸŽ¨πŸš€ (Opportunity)Β 

    • Support Each Other: Artists can show their support for @ArtsPackIO by sharing the details with fellow artists and their collector’s list. πŸŽ¨πŸš€(Opportunity)Β 

Helpful Links & InfoΒ 

Season Themes: https://artpacks.io/season-1/
X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/ArtPacksIO
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artpacksio/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/artpacksio/

Team on Twitter:

Β Nik Kalyani (Founder): https://twitter.com/techbubble
Fer Caggiano (Lead Strategist): https://twitter.com/FerCaggianoArt
Vanessa Lane (Community Manager): https://twitter.com/vlaneART
Riya Panwar (Curator Assistant): https://twitter.com/PhoenixFawkes25
Prabhu (Dev): https://twitter.com/0xtp_
Tiago Batista (Strategy Assistant): https://twitter.com/tiago420ART
Victor Ribeiro (Content Assistant): https://twitter.com/vvribeiro_
Michael – AKA Peng (Design Assistant): https://twitter.com/cryptopeng1Β 

NOTE: Please avoid using X (Twitter) DMs for common questions. Ask on Discord or on the Weekly X (Twitter) Spaces so everyone can benefit, and we don’t overload the ArtPacks team. 🀝🌟 See ArtPacks calendar for scheduled events.






Beautiful Background Image by Dayani-Corporeal UniverseL and is part of the Vessel Drop