Q: How much is it going to cost me to mint my piece of art?

A: In our unique ArtPacks model, you don’t pay anything.

Here’s why:

    1. Gamified Experience: We work differently from the traditional model. ArtPacks operates a gamified platform where artwork from various artists is bundled together into a single pack. Imagine this as a pack of Pokemon cards or NFL Top Shots, but with art!

    1. Cost-Free Participation: Unlike other platforms, you do not have to pay any costs upfront, including minting costs. These costs are covered by ArtPacks.

    1. Profit Sharing Model: When a collector purchases an ArtPack, they’re not just buying one piece of art; they’re buying five! The revenue from these sales is split, with 65% going to the artists and 35% going to ArtPacks. This covers our marketing, gas fees, operating costs, etc.

    1. Collaborative Approach: We group artists into teams. Each drop involves multiple artists working together. For our first drop, we have 62 artists organized into 3 tiers.

    1. No Gas Fees for Collectors: One of the unique features of ArtPacks is that the collectors do not pay any gas fees when they purchase an ArtPack. These are covered by us.Watch Nik (@techbubble) explain the concept.

So, as an artist, you don’t have to worry about any costs when you contribute to an ArtPack. We take care of the fees, you focus on creating great art!

Q: How does the revenue split work?

A: Artists receive 65% of total revenue. The rest goes to operational costs. Each artist’s percentage is based on their tier and total sales per drop.

Q: How are the sales distributed across different artist tiers?

A: The sales are distributed differently based on the artist’s tier and the result of the drop in sales.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: Within one week after a drop closes.

Q: What blockchain is ArtPacks in?

A. ArtPacks will mint on ETH through Womanhood Drop and the remaining drops will be released on the Vitruveo blockchain. 

Q: Should we add our Tezos wallet too, to track our sales, or only the ETH wallet?

A: For Season 1, we are only tracking sales on the Ethereum (ETH) network. When we begin tracking sales on the Tezos network, we will add an extra field for this and notify all participants. Therefore, at this time, you only need to provide your ETH wallet information.

Q: How is the price of my art determined?

A: In ArtPacks, the price is not set for individual pieces of art. Your art is part of a collective pack.

Here’s how it works:

    • Each ArtPack includes 5 pieces of art from various artists participating in the same drop.

    • As an artist, you share in the profits from the entire ArtPack sale, not just the sale of your individual piece.

This means when a collector buys an ArtPack, they’re buying a collection of art pieces from different artists, not just one. And you, as an artist, share in the success of the entire drop, not just your individual piece.

Q: How is the value of an ArtPack determined?

A: The value of an ArtPack is not solely based on the collective artworks it contains, but rather the potential it offers.

When a collector purchases an ArtPack, they are acquiring a unique collection of five artworks. These collections are dynamically generated, meaning each pack can contain a mix of works from artists of various tiers: Emerging, Rising, Iconic, Epic, and Legendary.

Here’s what makes this special:

    • Opportunity to Discover: Every ArtPack provides a chance to discover new artists and own their work. You might find pieces from a yet unknown, Emerging artist whose career takes off in the future.

    • Chance to Own Iconic Art: Equally, every ArtPack gives you a chance to own a piece from Iconic, Epic, or even Legendary artists. These are highly sought-after works that could add considerable value to your collection.

This approach to the pack system ensures every collector has an opportunity to acquire a range of art, from up-and-coming talents to established names in the art world. This introduces an element of excitement and potential for every collector.

Q: I’m concerned about my “floor price” and whether the art I offer will be comparable to an edition or a 1/1. How does this work in ArtPacks?

A: In the ArtPacks model, the concept of “floor price” or the value of a singular piece doesn’t apply in the traditional sense.

Here’s why:

    • Grouped Artwork: Instead of selling individual artworks, we sell ArtPacks, each containing 5 pieces of art.

    • Shared Success: When an ArtPack is sold, profits are shared among all artists involved, depending on their respective tiers. So, you share in the success of the whole ArtPack Drop, rather than just your individual piece.

    • Diverse Exposure: Your art will be seen alongside works from various artists, giving you more exposure and potentially attracting a broader range of collectors.

So, while it’s natural to think about individual value, in the ArtPacks gamified model, it’s the collective success that matters. This approach emphasizes collaborative growth and shared prosperity, creating a high tide that lifts all boats. It’s not just about one artist’s success, but the combined achievement of all participants that creates a vibrant and thriving community art experience.

Q: How are the artist tiers determined?

A: Tiers are based on the total volume of ETH sales of your art. Here’s the breakdown:

    • Emerging: 0 – 1.5 ETH

    • Rising: 1.5 – 15 ETH

    • Iconic: 15 – 50 ETH

    • Epic: 50 – 250 ETH

    • Legendary: 250+ ETH

Your tier can evolve as your total sales volume grows, allowing for greater revenue share potential over time.


Q: Are all mediums accepted?

A: Absolutely! All mediums are welcome in ArtPacks.

Q: Where can I find the upload link?

A: You can access the upload link by following these steps:

    1. Visit the Login Page.

    1. Enter Your Email: Insert the email associated with your account.

    1. Click on “Forget Password”: You will need to create a new password for your account.

    1. Follow the Email Link: You will receive an email with a link to create a new password. Follow that link to set up your new access.

    1. Need More Help?: If you need further assistance, you can watch this helpful YouTube tutorial for a step-by-step guide.

These steps will help you securely access the system, enabling you to upload your artwork for ArtPacks.

Q: Can I mint my work elsewhere as well?

A: No. To ensure authenticity, artwork must be exclusively created for ArtPacks.

Q: What are the dimension requirements?

A: At ArtPacks, we maintain a standard of 9000 x 6000 pixels, whether in landscape or portrait orientation. We’ve determined this ratio is optimal for both digital displays and printing options, ensuring a high-quality visual representation of the artwork.

If you are unable to deliver this resolution, you can work on a smaller file keeping the 3×2 ratio.

Q: Are there specific themes for each drop?

A: With the exception of the Genesis and Season Finale, each drop will feature a distinct theme. Our expert curator team will carefully assign selected artists to drops that align harmoniously with their artistic style and vision. (Season 1 Themes)

Q: How long does it take to hear back on my application?

A: Expect a response within 2 weeks for Open Calls. Direct applications may take longer. Remember, artwork submitted during application may not be the one selected for use. It’s all about showing us your style.

Q: Do I create my own artwork for a drop?

A: Yes! Once selected, artists will be asked to create an exclusive piece following the size and theme requirements of each drop.

Q: I’m feeling a bit lost in the process. Is there a guide or checklist I can follow?

A: Absolutely! We understand that the process can be complex, so we’ve prepared a handy checklist to guide you through every step. You can access it here. It’s designed to help you understand and navigate the process seamlessly.


Q: How does ArtPacks help promote my art? Can I use ArtPacks to market my other works?

A: Yes, absolutely! When you become part of an ArtPacks drop, we don’t just feature your art – we actively promote it.

Here’s what this means for you:

    • Free Promotion: ArtPacks will market your artwork as part of the drop. This exposes your art to a wide audience of potential collectors who might not have discovered your work otherwise.

    • Boost Your Collection: If the artwork you’re including in the drop is part of a larger collection, the drop can serve as a marketing tool for your other pieces. Collectors who appreciate your work in the drop might be interested in exploring and purchasing other pieces from your collection.

    • Increased Exposure: By being part of a drop, you’re associating with other artists and sharing in the collective attention that a drop attracts. This can lead to increased visibility and potential sales for your other works.

In short, joining an ArtPacks drop isn’t just about the single piece of art you include. It’s also a strategic opportunity to market yourself as an artist and to promote your other pieces to a larger audience.

Q: Are we supposed to be revealing unmasked work on main X? My understanding was the art would be completely sealed from public view and only seen once in the drop gallery. 🤔

A: The strategy we follow is to create curiosity initially and then fully reveal the artwork 2 weeks prior to each drop. Here’s the process:

    • Initial Phase: We share work-in-progress (WIP) and Behind Scenes (BTS) content, and the artwork may even be hidden with masks to create intrigue.

    • 2 Weeks Before the Drop: We fully unveil the art on our main social media accounts (X, IG) allowing people to know what to expect in the upcoming drop.

So yes, the artwork will be revealed on X before it’s seen in the drop gallery, to generate hype and interest for the purchase. It’s a carefully planned strategy to engage with potential collectors and create excitement for each new drop.

Q: How else does ArtPacks promote my work?

A: Alongside promoting your artwork through the drops, we also highlight our artists through various other channels to give your work even more exposure. Here’s how:

    • Website Interviews: We conduct interviews with our artists which we feature on our website. These interviews allow you to share your creative journey, inspirations, and more about the artwork you’ve included in the drop. It’s a fantastic way for collectors to get to know you and your art on a deeper level. See Artist Interviews

    • Social Media Promotion: We’re active on various social media platforms, where we regularly feature and promote our artists and their works. Through these channels, we can reach a vast, global audience, giving your artwork even more visibility.

Our aim is to not only showcase your work but also to highlight you as an artist. By promoting your story, we believe we can create a more meaningful connection between you and potential collectors.

Q: What other promotional activities does ArtPacks engage in?

A: Beyond our direct promotion efforts, we also engage in cross-promotion with other groups in the Web3 space.

Here’s what that means:

    • Cross-Promotion: We collaborate with other platforms, projects, and communities within the Web3 ecosystem. By doing so, we’re able to tap into their networks, giving your work visibility among different audiences who might not have discovered it otherwise.

    • Web3 Community Engagement: We participate in the broader Web3 community, attending events, contributing to discussions, and showcasing our artists’ works. This active engagement helps keep ArtPacks and our artists at the forefront of this innovative space.

Through these cross-promotion efforts, we aim to extend the reach of our artists’ work, helping them gain even more recognition and exposure within the dynamic and rapidly evolving Web3 environment.


Q: I heard that ArtPacks uses AGILE development and things can change. What does this mean for me as an artist?

A: Yes, at ArtPacks we operate under an AGILE development model.

Here’s what that means for you:

    • Flexibility: AGILE development means we’re always adapting and improving. We respond to changes and feedback rapidly, to make our platform the best it can be for artists and collectors.

    • Continuous Improvement: With AGILE, we’re not just launching a product and leaving it as is. We continuously refine and improve based on user experiences and needs.

    • User-centric Approach: We put the needs of our artists and collectors at the center of our operations. Our development strategy is based on what works best for you.

Keep in mind that while our development strategy allows us to quickly adapt and improve, our core values and commitment to artists and collectors remain constant. We’ll always communicate any major changes and how they might affect you. So, you can focus on creating your art, while we focus on making the platform better for everyone.

Q: What is the bigger vision beyond ArtPacks?

A: At ArtPacks, our focus goes beyond just our platform. We envision a future where artists around the globe are empowered through innovative technology.

Here’s what we’re working towards:

    • Sustainable Income for Artists: We’re leveraging Web3 technology to build a platform where artists can earn a sustainable income from their art.

    • Empowering Artists: Our ultimate goal is to empower artists, helping them gain the recognition and financial rewards they deserve while ensuring their rights and creative contributions are acknowledged and respected.

Remember, ArtPacks is just the beginning. As we continue to build and adapt, we’re always true to our mission – to empower artists – at the core of everything we do.