ArtPacks Artist Welcome Package

Welcome to ArtPacks! 🎨✨

We are absolutely thrilled to have you join this vibrant and diverse space dedicated to creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Here at ArtPacks, we believe every artist possesses a unique voice and vision, and we are committed to providing a platform where these can be celebrated and shared with the world. Our community thrives on the talents and contributions of individuals like yourself, and together, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of digital art. 🚀 #ArtPacksCommunity #CreativeSoulsUnite


ArtPacks was conceived with the vision of bridging the gap between traditional art collecting and the burgeoning world of digital art. In an era where technology is at the forefront, ArtPacks seeks to provide a platform that not only caters to art enthusiasts but also offers artists a unique avenue to showcase their work. The mission of ArtPacks is to democratize the art collecting process by making it accessible, engaging, and rewarding for collectors, while simultaneously supporting and promoting the incredible talent of artists from around the globe.

How ArtPacks is Revolutionizing Art Collection Through Curated Digital Art Packs

Traditionally, art collecting has been seen as an expensive and often exclusive hobby. ArtPacks is changing this narrative by introducing curated digital art packs. These packs contain a diverse range of digital art pieces that have been meticulously selected by expert curators. By purchasing a pack, collectors obtain an assortment of high-quality art, often at a fraction of the cost of traditional art collecting. Additionally, the element of surprise in each pack adds an exciting and gamified aspect to the experience. This innovative approach not only makes art collecting more accessible but also fosters a dynamic and interactive community of collectors and artists.

The Role of Artists in the ArtPacks Community

Artists are the beating heart of the ArtPacks community. They are the creators whose ingenuity and talent bring diversity and depth to the ArtPacks platform. Artists have the opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience of collectors, thus gaining exposure and recognition. By contributing their art to the packs, they participate in a new wave of art collection that values diversity and accessibility. Additionally, artists have the chance to interact with their audience and other creators, engage in collaborations, and receive fair compensation for their work. In essence, artists are not just contributors but also stakeholders in the growth and success of ArtPacks.

the ArtPacks Team

Welcome to the dynamic and passionate team behind ArtPacks! Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, but they share a common passion for art and innovation. Let’s meet the visionaries that make ArtPacks possible.

Art Catalyst, Technology Innovator @Decentology (web devs) @NftyDreams DAO (artists) 💙💛

As the Founder of NftyDreams DAO and ArtPacks, Nik brings a wealth of experience in business and has a deep love for art. His vision is to make art accessible to everyone, and he believes digital art packs can bridge the gap between artists and collectors.

Nik Kalyani

Mom, Artist, Curator, Change Maker | Lead Strategist @ArtPacksIO | @ArtUnchained_io#spaceshost | curated by me

Fer is our Lead Strategist and the creative heartbeat of ArtPacks. She has an acclaimed career as an artist, with her work exhibited internationally. Fer has a keen eye for identifying emerging talent and understanding the potential of art pieces. She passionately believes in the power of art to bring people together and tell stories.

Fer Caggiano

Entrepreneur, Educator, Gardener, Community Guild Operator @NftyDreams DAO | Marketing Manager @ArtPacksIO | |

Vee is an expert in building and managing vibrant online communities. With a master’s degree in educational technology and experience in social media management & marketing, she ensures ArtPacks maintains a lively and engaging presence across various platforms. She loves interacting with artists and collectors and is always eager to support the ArtPacks community.

Vee Lane

Defined as a VISUAL ARTIST, and a Creative Director of stories. FND –

Riya Panwar, known in the digital art community as @PhoenixFawkes25, is a multi-faceted creative force. Her expertise as a visual artist is complimented by her ability to weave stories into her creations, often resulting in immersive experiences that captivate audiences. Riya has channeled her artistic vision and seasoned experience into her role as a Curator Assistant for ArtPacksIO, where she plays a critical part in shaping the narratives of our collections.

Riya Panwar

@0xtp_ Entrepreneur | Dev | ETH Maxi | ZKP Research | Founder @hashpy | Leading Tech @hyperverse_dao @nftydreams | Building @hashible @womenintensenft

@0xtp_, a dynamic entrepreneur and dedicated developer. With a diverse portfolio of successful ventures under his belt, he has consistently demonstrated an ability to drive innovation in the decentralized landscape. His technical leadership and visionary foresight are invaluable assets to the ArtPacksIO team, playing a crucial role in navigating our course in the ever-evolving digital art industry.

Prabhu (Dev)