ArtPacks Season 1: Vessel Drop

🎨 Vessel: Timeless Canvas

From archaic sculptures to modern-day digital renderings, the human form has remained a compelling subject for artistic exploration. In our Vessel drop, we take you on a visual journey that celebrates this fascinating subject in all its diversity.

👥 A Universal Muse
The human body serves as an infinitely adaptable muse, capable of conveying complex emotions, cultural narratives, and groundbreaking ideas. In Vessel, we bring together a curated collection that reflects this rich tapestry, highlighting works that both honor and challenge traditional artistic paradigms.

🎭 The Art of Being Human
In this drop, you’ll discover pieces that range from the abstract to the hyper-realistic, each piece offering a unique lens through which to view the human form. Each artist delves into different themes, from identity and social norms to raw emotion and pure aesthetic form.

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Step 2: The ArtPacks Mystery

🎨 Drop Quantity: 250 Limited Edition Packs await. Each one has 5 unique art pieces, just like a collectible card pack, but with a touch of fine art. Who knows? You might just land a rare masterpiece.

Step 3: Creators Behind the Curtain

🖼 Featured Artists: A medley of 60+ global creators. Like any game, part of the fun is knowing your ‘players’. Dive deep, and learn their stories.

🔗 Know Your Artists: Click on each art piece. You’ll find an interview link in the caption, a sneak peek into the artist’s world. The more you know, the more valuable your collection becomes.

Step 4: Early Bird Gets the Worm

💰 Launch Week Price: Special price of 0.12 ETH ($199 USD as of 8/25/23) for an ArtPack of 5 pieces of art!

💸 Price: For those who love the chase, join the broader quest at 0.15 ETH ($250 USD as of 8/25/23) for an ArtPack of 5 pieces of art!

Step 5: Dive into the Virtual Gallery

🔍 Immersive Exploration: The art isn’t just to be seen—it’s to be experienced. Start with our 30-second virtual tour. Feel like a longer adventure? The gallery awaits.

AP Season 1: Vessel: Virtual Gallery

Visit on your own!

AP Season 1: Vessel: Gallery

This season is filled with amazing artists from around the world! If you’re interested in learning about the artists there’s a link to their interview in the caption of their art piece, or check them out!

Step 6: Animated Magic

🎞 Vessel Season in Motion: Some art moves, literally. Don’t miss the animated art and video segments. They’re like the holographic cards of the art world.

Step 7: Anatomy of Your Pack

📦 Unpack the Mystery: Opening an ArtPack is an experience. Each art piece is random—a 1/1 exclusive or one of up to 20 editions.

Remember, it’s not just about the art, but the story behind each piece.

Step 8: Amplify the Vessel Drop Conversations

🐦 Vessel Artists on X (Twitter): Engage, discuss, and celebrate the art and its creators. Join the conversation to be in the heart of the artistic buzz.

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Collecting with ArtPacks is a quest—a game of passion, knowledge, and discovery. Each pack you acquire is a chapter in your unique art journey. Ready, Set, Collect!