Collector’s Club

Allow List

Pre-sale spots are allocated to partner communities, providing exclusive access and minting at a discounted price. Additionally, a limited number of spots will be available for sign-up through a raffle, offering everyone an equal chance to participate.

By minting a drop, you secure your place on the Allow List for the subsequent drop. As the season progresses, spots on the Allow List will be raffled among the top holders, offering fair opportunities to all participants.

Season 1 ArtPass

Looking to ensure you never miss a drop and want the convenience of having weekly packs airdropped to you hassle-free?

By purchasing the Season 1 ArtPass, you will enjoy 13 packs with 5 art cards in each, totaling 65 unique art cards!

The regular season cost is $ETH 1.56, but you can enjoy a special airdrop discount, receiving the entire season for just $ETH 1.25.

Whale ArtPass (per drop)

Are 5 random cards per drop simply not enough for you? We’ve got you covered!

Our Whale ArtPass is designed for our esteemed Whale friends, granting exclusive access to all art cards from each drop. With each drop featuring 50 potential art cards, you can guarantee the inclusion of every single card in your wallet for just $ETH 3 per drop*.

Please note that a very limited number of Whale ArtPasses will be available per drop, ensuring fair opportunities for other players to also mint top-tier artists.

The Whale ArtPass will grant collectors a spot on our Sponsors’ Wall.

*Prices will vary according to the drop size.