The process works as follows:

  1. Artists consign their artwork to the platform.
  2. Expert curators meticulously categorize the artwork into tiers, namely Emerging, Rising, Iconic, Epic, and Legendary, while also assigning appropriate price points.
  3. The platform orchestrates a marketing event known as a “drop,” where a specific Pack becomes available for sale in limited quantities.
  4. Each Pack consists of 5 curated Artworks carefully selected from a designated set.
  5. Every Pack includes predefined rarity slots, such as 3 Emerging, 1 Rising, and 1 Rare or Legendary artwork. The specific Artworks are randomized, and while the probabilities of receiving different tiers are known in advance, the exact Artworks remain undisclosed.
  6. Collectors eagerly purchase Art Packs, anticipating the unveiling of the Artworks and the discovery of the talented Artists behind them. The platform facilitates this process by providing profile pages where collectors can learn more about the Artists.
  7. The platform regularly organizes additional drops, many of which revolve around specific themes like “Women Artists,” “Iranian Artists,” “Photographers,” “Abstract Art,” and more.