🌟Welcome to ArtPacks Season 1🌟

From the inception of the universe in ‘Genesis’ to the complexities of ‘Womanhood,’ from the vibrant tapestry of ‘Supernova’ to the introspective depths of ‘Us,’ every drop is a chapter in a story only you can complete.

Are you up for a challenge? Collect pieces from 3 of the 5 categories within a drop, and a FREE ArtPack will be airdropped straight into your wallet once you claim it! Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the NFT space, ArtPacks offers an experience that both honors and challenges artistic paradigms.

So, why wait? Leap into the exhilarating world of ArtPacks, and enrich your collection with a unique blend of imagination, creativity, and vision. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss what’s coming next! 🎨🚀

 Season 1 Themes

Our foundation for this season consists of 13 drops with 250 packs in each drop.

Drop Date Title Theme Genre Medium
1 8/17/23 Genesis Various Open All
2 8/24/23 SUPERNOVA Colorful Open All
3 8/31/23 Birthright Freedom Open All
4 9/07/23 Fast Forward Futuristic Open All
5 9/21/23 Vessel The Body Open All
6 9/28/23 Nightmare Horror Open All
7 10/05/23 Womanhood Womanhood Open All
8 TBA Gaia Nature Open All
9 TBA Culture Canvas Diversity Open All
10 TBA Fusion Collabs Open All
11 TBA Present Tense Contemporary Open All
12 TBA Us Community Open All
13 TBA Season Finale Various Open All

1 – Genesis – Collector’s Guide

Introducing ArtPacks Genesis Drop: a curated collection featuring exceptional artists from diverse styles and mediums. Witness the convergence of top talents in the market, presenting a captivating fusion of creativity.

Purchase a Genesis ArtPack

2 – SUPERNOVA – Collector’s Guide

Colors speak volumes in storytelling, evoking happiness, desire, hatred, and pain. In this drop, ArtPacks presents a vivid array of styles, bursting with vibrant hues. Get ready to immerse yourself in this radiant SUPERNOVA collection, where art and storytelling collide in a mesmerizing display of creativity.

Purchase a SUPERNOVA ArtPack

3 – Birthright – Collector’s Guide

What does freedom mean to you? In this drop, we present thought-provoking artworks that encapsulate the essence of freedom. Experience the diverse interpretations and profound impact of freedom in our lives. Birthright is an opportunity to reflect, express, and celebrate the power of freedom in a world of art.

Purchase a Birthright ArtPack

4 – Fast Forward – Collector’s Guide

Utopia or dystopia? Will humanity thrive or self-destruct? Join us as we present interpretations of our unknown tomorrow. Explore the uncharted future through captivating artworks in this captivating drop. Fast Forward is your invitation to imagine, reflect, and question the path ahead.

Purchase a Fast Forward ArtPack

5 – Vessel – Collector’s Guide

From ancient times to the present, the human form has been a powerful vehicle for expressing emotions, and ideas and pushing artistic boundaries. In Vessel, we celebrate this enduring muse, showcasing a diverse collection that honors the captivating artistry of the human form.

Purchase a Vessel ArtPack

6 – Nightmare

Horror has many forms. Surreal entities, catastrophes, or the evil next door. Every night is an invitation for our deepest fears to haunt our minds. This drop explores Fear and its multiple shapes.

7 – Womanhood

Women account for half of the world’s population. However, only in the last century they reached positions where only men were allowed, and there’s still a lot to go. This drop exclusively features woman artists in an homage to everything they mean to society and humanity.

8 – Gaia – TBA – Vitruveo Blockchain

Earth is a beautiful and magical place where life thrives amidst the endless dance of chaos and peace. Some say we’re changing it; others say we’re doomed. The fact is: we have nowhere else to go. This drop is dedicated to our home.

9 – Culture Canvas – TBA – Vitruveo Blockchain

This drop is dedicated to artists in developing nations. ArtPacks brings different perspectives and cultures told through art to celebrate diversity. Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East showing their talent and telling their stories.

10 – Fusion – TBA – Vitruveo Blockchain

Magic happens when two or more talented people join efforts to create meaningful art. Collabs are a great way to dive into another artist’s mind and allow something incredible to come out.

11 – Present Tense – TBA – Vitruveo Blockchain

Art is a tool to express ideas, but it also has a historical purpose. It’s possible to tell the story of mankind through Art. On this drop, ArtPacks artists bring their interpretation of the world today.

12 – Us – TBA – Vitruveo Blockchain

In the NFT Space, it is all about Community. Artists, collectors, and enthusiasts interact all day every day to make the space better and better. Community is expressed as a subject or in the art-making process. This week we make a tribute to everyone working hard to make the NFT Community a beautiful, inclusive, and prosperous place for everyone.

13 – Season Finale – TBA – Vitruveo Blockchain

As ArtPacks’ first season draws to a close, we invite you to join us in a grand finale. This remarkable Drop showcases an array of styles and mediums, representing the essence of our artistic journey.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible season. Stay tuned for what lies ahead in the next chapter of ArtPacks.