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Season 1 Themes

This season features 13 unique drops, each containing 250 packs of mesmerizing art. To elevate your experience, each drop is accompanied by a Collector’s Guide, packed with in-depth details about the themes and incredible artists contributing to each collection.

Genesis | Buy an ArtPack

Genesis Drop is a curated collection featuring exceptional artists from diverse styles and mediums. Witness the convergence of top talents in the market, presenting a captivating fusion of creativity.

SUPERNOVA | Buy an ArtPack

Colors speak volumes in storytelling, evoking happiness, desire, hatred, and pain. In this drop.  Immerse yourself in this radiant SUPERNOVA collection, where art and storytelling collide in a mesmerizing display of creativity.

Birthright | Buy an ArtPack

What does freedom mean to you? In this drop, we present thought-provoking artworks that encapsulate the essence of freedom. Birthright is an opportunity to reflect, express, and celebrate the power of freedom in a world of art.

Fastforward | Buy an ArtPack

Utopia or dystopia? Will humanity thrive or self-destruct? Join us as we present interpretations of our unknown tomorrow. Explore the uncharted future through captivating artworks in this captivating drop. Fast Forward is your invitation to imagine, reflect, and question the path ahead.

Vessel | Buy an ArtPack

From ancient times to the present, the human form has been a powerful vehicle for expressing emotions, and ideas and pushing artistic boundaries. In Vessel, we celebrate this enduring muse, showcasing a diverse collection that honors the captivating artistry of the human form.

Nightmare | Buy an ArtPack

Horror has many forms. Surreal entities, catastrophes, or the evil next door. Every night is an invitation for our deepest fears to haunt our minds. This drop explores Fear and its multiple shapes.

Womanhood | Buy an ArtPack

Women account for half of the world’s population. However, only in the last century they reached positions where only men were allowed, and there’s still a lot to go. This drop exclusively features woman artists in an homage to everything they mean to society and humanity.

Gaia – TBA – Vitruveo Blockchain

Earth is a beautiful and magical place where life thrives amidst the endless dance of chaos and peace. Some say we’re changing it; others say we’re doomed. The fact is: we have nowhere else to go. This drop is dedicated to our home.

Culture Canvas – TBA – Vitruveo Blockchain

This drop is dedicated to artists in developing nations. ArtPacks brings different perspectives and cultures told through art to celebrate diversity. Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East showing their talent and telling their stories.

Fusion – TBA – Vitruveo Blockchain

Magic happens when two or more talented people join efforts to create meaningful art. Collabs are a great way to dive into another artist’s mind and allow something incredible to come out.

Present Tense – TBA – Vitruveo Blockchain

Art is a tool to express ideas, but it also has a historical purpose. It’s possible to tell the story of mankind through Art. On this drop, ArtPacks artists bring their interpretation of the world today.

Us – TBA – Vitruveo Blockchain

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Season Finale – TBA – Vitruveo Blockchain

As ArtPacks’ first season draws to a close, we invite you to join us in a grand finale. This remarkable Drop showcases an array of styles and mediums, representing the essence of our artistic journey.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible season. Stay tuned for what lies ahead in the next chapter of ArtPacks.

1 ArtPack = 5 Pieces of Art in Each Pack


Start your Digital Art Collection with an ArtPack with Global Artists who are re-imagining the way to collaborate and connect with their collectors!

Discover the Artists Behind Each Drop!

Peel back the curtain and get to know the brilliant minds fueling ArtPacks. From budding talents taking their first artistic steps to established creators with a legacy of masterpieces, we celebrate them all. Explore the inspirations, passions, and journeys of our emerging, rising, and iconic artists. Delve into the heart of creativity and witness the visionaries behind every captivating piece. Get ready for a journey of artistic discovery!

Pop Punk: Fusing AI and Art with a Twist of Punk Energy

Introduction In the exciting crossroads of technology and creativity, we find the artist known as Pop Punk. Working primarily with AI, Pop Punk blends larger collections with gradually developed pieces, exploring the boundless world of synthetic photography. The...

Journey of Imagination: The Artistry of Lovanic

Step into the world of Lovanic, a talented artist hailing from Singapore, whose artistic journey began in 2002 during his pursuit of a diploma in Multimedia Technology. Introduced to various creative realms, including graphic design, music production, videography, and...

Unleashing the Dark Art Genius: Journey into the Enigmatic World of Dan, the Unwashed Sombrero of Satan!

In the mystical plains of Kansas, where the infamous 666 zip code area resides, a digital sorcerer thrives. Meet Dan, the enigmatic maverick known as Satan's unwashed sombrero, a master conjurer of post-edited AI in the captivating realm of Dark Art. With his...

Unveiling the Artistic Lens of Malko Diris: Capturing Beauty, Boxing, and Beyond!

In the heart of Belgium, a seasoned photographer stands behind the lens, bringing to life the captivating world of images. Meet Malko Diris, a renowned photographer with two decades of expertise, celebrated as Céline Dion's personal photographer and a maestro in the...

Anna van Tassell: Illuminating the Digital Canvas with AI Art, Poetry, and Animation

Hailing from the vibrant city of Allen, Texas, Anna van Tassell, known as @annabambambaby, is an artist of multifaceted talents, specializing in digital art, AI art, poetry, and animation. Her creative journey takes her to uncharted realms, where she thrives in...

‘The Feather Lady’: A Unique Artistic Journey with Nature’s Canvas

Allow us to introduce you to Mandi, fondly referred to as 'The Feather Lady,' a UK-based artist renowned for her distinctive artistry that involves painting on real moulted feathers using acrylic paint. Her unique work is part of the ArtPacks Season 1 Genesis Drop....

Sepideh Gerami: A Journey of Artistic Exploration and Emotion

Meet Sepideh Gerami, a 24-year-old digital artist hailing from Iran, whose creative journey spans six years of diverse artistic exploration. From working with graphic design and acrylic to finding her passion in digital painting, Sepideh's artistic evolution has been...

Embracing Nature’s Emotions: The Artistic Journey of Sophia Kühn

Meet Sophia Kühn, a multi-talented artist residing between Germany and France, whose creative world seamlessly intertwines the physical and digital realms. Nature, with its ever-changing beauty, and Sophia's innermost feelings act as her muse, inspiring captivating...

A Journey of Light and Emotion: The Artistry of ChristopheJr

In the enchanting world of web3, where creativity knows no bounds, a talented artist captures light and the essence of fleeting moments. Meet Christopher Howell, fondly known as ChristopheJr, a visionary UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot and MEDEVAC Commander in the United States...

From Architect to Maori Art Maven: The Creative Journey of Louize

In the heart of Brazil, amidst the vibrant colors of culture and tradition, resides a talented artist whose black and white hand-drawn artworks bring Maori design to life. Meet Louize, a visionary artist and architect with a passion for exploring the depths of...

Artist Spotlight – Doruk Seymen

A swiss army knife photographer. Doruk's work knows no boundaries and his journey include dramatic documentaries and fashion photography sessions with celebs such Jessica Alba. He took the time to share a bit of his story with us in this interview. Doruk, in your...

Artist Spotlight – Dmitri Shad

Today we'll talk to Shad, a 41 years old photographer whose work will haunt you on your dreams. He's been awarded several times and it only takes a quick look at his images to understand why. Shad, gm! From doctor to photographer passing through having your own tattoo...

Artist Spotlight – Hugo Faz

Brave, unapoligetic and wild. Ask anyone about Hugo's work and you'll most likely get one of these words. Not tied to a simple medium, Hugo brings to the NFT Space the gift of defiance. In an ocean of beauty, vanilla and consumer focused art, Hugo stands tall and...

Artist Spotlight – Claudiu Guraliuc

Gm folks! Today we'll talk to Claudiu Guraliuc, a Romanian fine art photographer whose baroque inspired series can be easily mistaken as paintings and granted him the Fine Art Photographer of the Year awar in 2020 at the Master Photography Awards Gala in UK. Claudiu,...

Artist Spotlight – Dr. Martín Raskovsky

Today we'll talk to Dr. Martín, an Argentinian/UK photographer who also happens to have PhD in Computer Science. After this interview, we realized how Martín is a perfect intersection between both areas and how it makes sense when you read about his workflow and see...

Artist Spotlight – Fer Caggiano

Do I even need to describe today's guest? Fer is beyond the reach of my words and her passion, kindness, loyalty and talent are more unquestionable than the fact that WAGMI. She's a star and her gravity pulls us to the warmth and life around her orbit. It's a pleasure...

Artist Spotlight – Luna Leonis

On today's interview you'll know more about this talented 27 years old artist from Iran, so passionate about the moon, it turned our companion satellite into her own name. Luna has a BA in production design and even though Art is the first thing coming to mind when we...

Artist Spotlight – Monika’s Art

Some artists vary their styles but stick with the same medium. Others venture into different mediums, tools and fields. However, only a few are able to be highly skilled in several distinct areas. Among these few, is Monika, our guest for today's interview. From cakes...

Artist Spotlight – Renee Campbell

Gm! Today we'll interview the Macro Photography star Renée Campbell, directly from Sidney, Australia. You surely saw her flowers on your timeline at least once and her work is easily recognizable on the NFT space, spreading calm, love and peace into our days. Renee,...

Artist Spotlight – Leslie Spurlock

If you stop what you're doing now and visit, you'll see a banner saying "Hi, I'm Leslie. A photojournalist from Texas." Next to an image of Leslie and her beautiful smile against an orange and warm sunset on the side of the road. It's a...

Arunava Kundu: Capturing the Soul of the Streets and Overcoming Adversity Through the Lens

Meet Arunava Kundu, an award-winning photographer hailing from Howrah, West Bengal, India. Arunava's work is a love letter to the streets, capturing the everyday life, people's activities, and the interplay of light and shadow that define his world. His artistic...

Collector Guides

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