Meet the Artists

Step into a universe of unparalleled creativity with our handpicked ArtPacks. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or an art aficionado, get to know the incredible artists behind each drop. It’s more than collecting—it’s about forming a connection with the art and those who create it. 🎨✨

  • Art by Jessy
  1. Jessy
  2. Tiago
  3. @yaga_ma
  4. vulcan290823
  5. viveks290823
  6. viorika290823
  7. unfurlight290823
  8. tyler-omnipresent large290823
  9. the-high-priestess-crazy_freedom290823
  10. teomia290823
  11. rzgz-monochrome-dance290823
  12. samosa290823
  13. sendollf290823
  14. stacy290823
  15. tanaya290823
  16. riya-circlingage290823
  17. rocker290823
  18. rohan290823
  19. ross290823
  20. royart290823
  21. Rachel Raskino
  22. @quetzalgelo
  23. peng large290823
  24. pearl-flying-to-freedom290823
  25. open-paolo-della-ciana-social290823
  26. mvdii290823
  27. leslie290823
  28. mana-freedom-fin-17_1290823
  29. ninola290823
  30. no_id_known290823
  31. @MichaelEnechi
  32. michelangelo290823
  33. nuclear-samurai290823
  34. olga290823
  35. mina.jpg_medium290823
  36. diana290823
  37. dmimages290823
  38. goddess_unchained_-_crownandpalette290823
  39. heather290823
  40. lapiz-lazuli290823
  41. dayani290823
  42. dan290823
  43. Starry Times
  44. @Cletelcharnal
  45. angga290823
  46. arunabha290823
  47. awd-liberation_of_a_mind large290823
  48. bita290823
  49. cael-wings290823
  50. angelika290823
  51. ana-isabel290823
  52. ali290823
  53. alexander290823
  54. aaron290823
  • Fer Caggiano
  1. 0
  2. 64d6a7823c0b6400130367f4_1691789186361
  3. 64d6cce923384a00138c2ae6_1691798761821
  4. 64d6ba93dc74100014552a1c_1691794067324
  5. 64d7e6d9dc74100014553099_1691870937324
  6. 64d65dd491aaad001343d5a1_1691770324716
  7. 64d68cdddc741000145528ef_1691782365379
  8. 64d7f3eb8eaa4d0013d04a44_1691874283554
  9. 64d680823c0b640013036675_1691779202467
  10. 64d6b06c2612ad0013c09e30_1691791468511
  11. 64d6cf0923384a00138c2aea_1691799305612
  12. 64d92e84f8ff290013112bdb_1691954820476
  13. 64d89e5cc40cdb0014c3f088_1691917916652 (1)
  14. 64d98ebf12f4240013f4828e_1691979455354
  15. 64d7910c23384a00138c2ec8_1691848972925
  16. 64d757b3dc74100014552d76_1691834291756
  17. 64d880ed2612ad0013c0a723_1691910381756
  18. 64d73612c40cdb0014c3e920_1691825682219
  19. 64d1694ea305960013f6d8ed_1691445582860
  20. 64d72609c40cdb0014c3e8eb_1691821577349
  21. 64d862658eaa4d0013d04bf6_1691902565681
  22. 64d9111448632f00131d634d_1691947284636
  23. Untitled Artwork
  24. 64da4ccd48632f00131d6a4c_1692028109530
  25. 64da1515f8ff290013113053_1692013845291
  26. 64dac8019a75f80012a9e184_1692059649332
  27. 64db6c4312f4240013f48e14_1692101699311
  28. 64db27159a75f80012a9e31d_1692083989881
  29. 64db668f506e5e0013948831_1692100239568
  30. 64db53469a75f80012a9e3fe_1692095302891
  31. 64db2517506e5e00139486ec_1692083479112
  32. 64dc0d7df8ff290013113d64_1692142973615
  33. 64dd7d0048632f00131d7da6_1692237056341
  34. 64db180548632f00131d6efb_1692080133587
  35. 64dbd9d89a75f80012a9e7cb_1692129752549
  36. 64dbf6a0f8ff290013113d00_1692137120105
  37. 64dc033c12f4240013f4927b_1692140348614
  38. 64dc796a12f4240013f49532_1692170602843
  39. 64dccd939a75f80012a9ed5e_1692192147038
  40. 64dd5a209a75f80012a9f184_1692228128883
  41. 64dd5b694feaf500139ad781_1692228457559
  42. 64dd11e9f8ff29001311438b_1692209641337
  43. 64dd57a44feaf500139ad778_1692227492459
  44. 64de006ef8ff2900131148e7_1692270702711
  45. 64de75024feaf500139ae013_1692300546960
  46. 64dd69cef8ff290013114605_1692232142524
  47. 64dd6291506e5e00139494a5_1692230289490
  48. 64de77234feaf500139ae028_1692301091850
  49. 64de014348632f00131d805f_1692270915475
  50. 64dfb2a1f8ff290013115c28_1692381857323
  51. 64e00a3ef8ff290013115e51_1692404286015
  52. 64e2a90325b7a80013766965_1692576003513
  53. 64e51f46cd88b20013f0dde6_1692737350221
  54. 64e453eedd621d0013ecaf53_1692685294827
  55. 64e35368cb20b700137c773a_1692619624570
  56. 64e2b69e11d6800013f462b4_1692579486467
  57. 64df54ba48632f00131d8d6e_1692357818157
  58. 64dea116506e5e0013949e98_1692311830267

Digital Art Collectibles

AMP IT UP: Start collecting using your digital wallet or credit card.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned collector/trader of digital art, ArtPacks is dedicated to elevating your collection to new heights.

Leave the heavy lifting to our team of expert curators!

Each drop presents a theme, and you are able to preview all the possible art you may get in your pack. (Season 1 Themes)

Every pack features an assortment of five digital collectibles, randomly selected from a diverse pool of talented artists that were carefully curated by our experts.

With an incredibly accessible entry point, you have the chance to score high-value artwork!

Understanding ArtPacks

The Concept of Art Packs

At ArtPacks, we’re pioneering a new way to collect and experience digital art. Our concept is simple yet innovative: we curate packs of digital art. Each pack includes five unique digital artworks, randomly selected from a variety of talented artists who are part of our community. These packs offer a thrilling experience of surprise and discovery for collectors, much like a treasure trove of artistic talent waiting to be unveiled.

Curating Art and the Inclusion Process

Art curation at ArtPacks is a meticulous process, ensuring each pack holds an array of diverse and high-quality artworks. Our lead curator, Fer Caggiano, along with our team of art experts, carefully reviews and selects works of art for inclusion in our packs. Artists are free to submit their works for consideration, and we also reach out to artists who we believe would enrich our offerings. Every drop features a distinct theme, adding an extra layer of excitement and cohesion to the art pack experience.

Acquisition of Packs and the Role of Artists

Acquiring an ArtPacks is an easy process. Once a drop is announced, collectors can visit our website and purchase packs using their digital wallet or credit card. As a collector opens a pack, they are introduced to a variety of artists and their artworks, expanding their exposure to different styles and perspectives.

The role of artists in this ecosystem is paramount. Not only do they provide the creative heartbeat of every pack, but they also have the opportunity to connect with collectors through their art. By being featured in an ArtPacks Drop, artists gain exposure to a worldwide audience of collectors, creating potential for their work to be appreciated and acquired by enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. This mutually beneficial relationship between artists and collectors is what fuels the vibrant and dynamic ArtPacks community.

S1 Pass

Season 1 ArtPass

Looking to ensure you never miss a drop and want the convenience of having weekly packs airdropped to you hassle-free?

By purchasing the Season 1 ArtPass, you will enjoy 13 packs with 5 art cards in each, totaling 65 unique art cards!

The regular season cost is $ETH 1.56, but you can enjoy a special airdrop discount, receiving the entire season for just $ETH 1.25.

Whale Pass

Whale Art Pass

Are five random cards per pack simply not enough for you? We’ve got you covered!

Our Whale ArtPass is designed for our esteemed Whale friends, granting exclusive access to all art cards from each drop. With each drop featuring 60*+ potential art cards, you can get every single card airdropped to your wallet for just $ETH 3 per drop.

Please note that a very limited number of Whale ArtPasses will be available per drop, ensuring fair opportunities for other players to also mint top-tier artists.

The Whale ArtPass will grant collectors a spot on our Sponsors’ Wall.

*Amount of cards will vary according to the drop curation, but the market value remains similar.