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Featured Artists

Discover a rich tapestry of talent with 62 global creators at the helm. Much like the thrill of a game, true enjoyment lies in mastering the insights of your ‘players’. Delve into their histories, embrace their narratives. Now, take note: the next three artists belong to the elite Iconic tier. Securing a piece from one of them? That’s hitting the jackpot! But let’s be honest, every piece in this drop is akin to unearthing a dazzling diamond. Dive in, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Monika’s Art

Some artists vary their styles but stick with the same medium. Others venture into different mediums, tools and fields. However, only a few are able to be highly skilled in several distinct areas. Among these few, is Monika, our guest for today’s interview. From cakes to abstract art, from knitting to AI, Monika has found a way to express herself almost limitless.

Fer Caggiano

Do I even need to describe today’s guest? Fer is beyond the reach of my words and her passion, kindness, loyalty, and talent are more unquestionable than the fact that WAGMI. She’s a star and her gravity pulls us to the warmth and life around her orbit. It’s a pleasure to have her as the community leader and head of curation on ArtPacks. Today, we’ll have a chance to know a bit more about her. 


In today’s interview you’ll learn more about this talented 27-year-old artist from Iran, so passionate about the moon, it turned our companion satellite into her own name. Luna has a BA in production design and even though Art is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of her, she won the gold medal in the National Design Olympiad. How impressive is that?


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