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Drop Quantity: 250 Limited Edition Packs await. Each one has 5 unique art pieces, just like a collectible card pack, but with a touch of fine art. Who knows? You might just land a rare masterpiece.

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Featured Artists

Discover a rich tapestry of talent with 62 global creators at the helm. Much like the thrill of a game, true enjoyment lies in mastering the insights of your ‘players’. Delve into their histories, embrace their narratives. Now, take note: the next three artists belong to the elite Iconic tier. Securing a piece from one of them? That’s hitting the jackpot! But let’s be honest, every piece in this drop is akin to unearthing a dazzling diamond. Dive in, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Leslie Spurlock

If you stop what you’re doing now and visit, you’ll see a banner saying “Hi, I’m Leslie. A photojournalist from Texas.” 

Soli (@soliiiart1)

Iranian digital artist Soli. With a bachelor in graphic design, Soli developed an unmistakable signature on her works. The women portraits, so hypnotic and multilayered, make her pieces the kind of art you’d recognize from miles away.

Steve Walasavage

Hailing directly from upstate New York, Steve Walasavage is a masterful landscape and astro photographer. With an insatiable thirst for uncharted terrains and unique moments, Steve crafts visual sonnets that sing praises of nature and the essence of life. Through Steve’s lens, embark on journeys to realms where beauty’s enchantment remains evergreen and magic, timeless.

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