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Drop Quantity: 250 Limited Edition Packs await. Each one has 5 unique art pieces, just like a collectible card pack, but with a touch of fine art. Who knows? You might just land a rare masterpiece.

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Featured Artists

Discover a rich tapestry of talent with 60 global creators at the helm. Much like the thrill of a game, true enjoyment lies in mastering the insights of your ‘players’. Delve into their histories, embrace their narratives. Now, take note: the next three artists belong to the elite Iconic tier. Securing a piece from one of them? That’s hitting the jackpot! But let’s be honest, every piece in this drop is akin to unearthing a dazzling diamond. Dive in, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Iconic Artists in the Birthright Drop!


If you’re at least a few months on the NFT Space, there’s a high chance you’ve seen Tyler’s work on your timeline. His talent to photography can be paired to his dedication to community building and excitement about our whole web3 environment. Spread across dozens of wallets, his work is proof that talent and effort can take you places you didn’t dare to dream about.


Daisa is one of the examples of how life-changing 2021 was for many artists thanks to NFTs. Originally from Brazil, she onboarded dozens of artists and helped many of them take the first steps into the community. At the end of 2021, she enrolled in a Masters Degree in Germany using the funds she raised during that year’s bull.


Lars Nagler aka LASSINGER is a German digital artist whose career goes back to the 90s. His works pre-NFT strike us with abstraction, surrealism, and nonsense, evoking the kind of uneasiness found only in the wildest dreams. His pieces on the blockchain bring the same signature and with the aid of AI, Lars has been able to take us on a trip into his unusual mind.

Birthright Art Gallery

🎞 Birthright Season in Motion: Some art moves, literally. Don’t miss the animated art and video segments. They’re like the holographic cards of the art world.

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