For Collectors

What is a Digital Collectible?

A digital collectible, or NFT, is a unique and indivisible digital asset that represents ownership or authenticity of a specific item. Created on blockchain technology, it is secure, verifiable, and has distinct characteristics.

NFTs redefine art by offering unique and verifiable digital creations, allowing artists to authenticate and collectors to own exclusive digital masterpieces.

How do I buy a pack? Can I pay with a Credit Card?

For those with an existing crypto wallet, purchasing can be done using your cryptocurrency. However, if you haven’t set up a wallet yet, you have the option to buy with a credit card to a custodial wallet we provide and later withdraw your purchase to your digital wallet.

How much is a pack?

The presale price is $ETH 0.12, and the public sale is $ETH 0.15

How often do they drop?

ArtPacks will offer weekly drops and occasional special drops.

How do I get on the presale list?

Pre-sale spots are allocated to partner communities, providing them with exclusive access. Additionally, a limited number of spots will be available for sign-up through a raffle, offering everyone an equal chance to participate.

Where can I trade my collectibles?

After the art cards are minted, they will be available for trading on most marketplaces, such as Opensea, Rarible, and Blur.

Do I get a physical piece with my Digital Collectible?

While the NFT itself does not include a physical piece, collectors can choose from various options. They can either print the artwork or display it digitally to showcase it at their home or office according to their preferences.

For Artists

How do I apply?

Please use this form.

Can my work be minted elsewhere?

No. The art has to be created exclusively for ArtPacks to ensure authenticity to the collectors.

What are the dimension requirements?

At ArtPacks, we maintain a standard of 9000 x 6000 pixels, whether in landscape or portrait orientation. We have determined that this ratio is optimal for both digital displays and printing options, ensuring a high-quality visual representation of the artwork.
If you are unable to deliver this resolution, you can work on a smaller file keeping the 3×2 ratio.

Are there specific themes for each drop?

With the exception of the Genesis and Season Finale, each drop will feature a distinct theme. Our expert curator team will carefully assign selected artists to drops that align harmoniously with their artistic style and vision.

Which medium will be considered?

All mediums are welcome!

How is the revenue split?

Out of the total revenue, 65% is allocated to the artists, while 35% covers operational costs. Within the 65%, each artist will receive a percentage based on their assigned tier. This distribution is calculated based on the total sales generated by each drop.

To ensure fairness despite the randomization of pack editions, every artist included in the drop will receive their designated percentage, regardless of the number of editions minted within the packs.

(link to a calculator to check numbers per tier – coming soon)

When do I get paid?

After the drop is closed, payouts are completed within one week.

What blockchain is ArtPacks in?

ArtPacks will mint primarily on ETH for Season 1.

What is the response time for applications?

For Open Calls, you can expect a response within 2 weeks. In the case of direct applications, the response time may vary and could take longer. It’s important to note that the artwork submitted during the application process may not necessarily be the artwork selected for use. The purpose of the applications is to gain insight into the artist’s style. Once selected, artists will be required to create an exclusive piece specifically tailored to meet the size and theme requirements of each drop.